Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finding the time to write

Some days are harder than others. Aren't they? I mean I come off this long weekend (and I try not to write on weekends so I can spend time with the family) But getting back into the groove of things can be a bit daunting.

This is how I often try to combat it.

One, just make myself sit down and write. *not good*

That often results in me writing nothing but drivel. I'm not inspired and you can clearly tell. I tend to write on a tanget, or I'm lucky to get 250 words done.

Two, I fret, make myself sick over it. Then I get mad because I haven't really written and wind up eeking out 5 ho hum pages. Good, but they'll need extensive revisions.


Three, I get smart and plot things out over the weekend. I set myself up for the next scene, enough to get me 10 good pages worth. That usually works the best, I still don't want to write, but it gets me out of the meandering stage. And once I sit down the words come and suddenly my apathetic feelings toward my ms disappear and I can't seem to stop.

Those are exciting days. Rare, but great. The ones where you write like a fiend, you "see" the images in your head, you connect to your characters, and you pound out a good 20 pgs worth. Sigh...I live for those days.

So let's hope that I can do so yet again tonight. And for inspiration I've posted a pic of one of my many hunks!

(my hubby)

Much love,

Oh and the missing girl, Staci, has been found alive and healthy! Yay! She's going home this weekend. :D

And remember, 5 more days for my Fire and Ice themed contest gift basket. See below for details!

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