Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hello hello hello

It's me again. Come back to enlighten you and make you laugh with my wit, charm, and snappy dialogue.


Someone thinks highly of themselves tonight. Hmm...well, maybe I won't wow you, or even charm you...but by god I can write some snappy dialogue. ;)

So here goes. I'm finally getting ready to hold my first big contest giveaway for my short, hot read "Fire and Ice". I tried to go with a theme. So what is my book about? Check. Fire. Check. Ice. Check. Oh, and did I mention gads of sex? (just checking *vbg*)

What emotions are associated with fire? Sensuality. For some reason I always think of candles. Of being immersed deep in a claw-footed bathtub, white foamy bubble bath up to my chin and the gentle flicker of aromatic candles in the background.

Ice. Cold. A frosty beauty. Something hauntingly beautiful, achingly perfect.

Ohhhh..this sounds nice, doesn't it? So when deciding what to do for my basket I looked at those images of fire and ice and decided on something a little decadent for us ladies.

Picture this if you will...

An exhausting day at the office, home, whatever. Hubby, boyfriend, taking over the run of the house for an hour. What would you do?

Me..I'd go and turn the taps onto hot. Steaming, until the bathroom billows with white smoke. I'd fill the tub to the rim, add a few bath salts, or if I'm feeling exceptionally achy, maybe a liquid mineral bath. The scents of white tea and jasmine float through the air. It's quiet inside. No sound except for marvin gaye crooning to you from the small radio in the corner (I'm sorry, but was there anyone better?). It feels wonderful and the candlelight splashed around the room makes you smile. Crackle glass votive candle holders are set on the counter. Pomegranate scented candles fill the room with their sweet scent. You close your eyes and drift away. But finally the water grows just a little too tepid..time to get out. You step out of the bath tub, dry yourself off and to keep your skin looking moist and healthy, rub in some rose or white tea scented lotion.

You walk out the room, humming softly to yourself and thanking the beautiful, wonderful Vivienne for such a lovely gift. ;)

See...wasn't that fun? :D And if you didn't catch all the items, here's a break down for you.

~16 oz. Therapy liquid mineral bath. (reduces ache and pains, sleep soundly, breath easier)

~30 oz. White tea and jasmine bath salts

~4 votive size pomegranate scented candles

~4 crackle glass votive candle holders

~1.85 oz. Healing garden sensual therapy passion rose lotion

~1.85 oz. Healing garden relax therapy white tea lotion

~1 gift card with a great big thank you. ;)

What do you have to do to win all this?

I'll tell you tomorrow at the ebook love chat myself and the other girls of will be hosting for the entire day. Hope to see many of you there!

By the way, this contest will run for a total of 10 days. Plenty of time to get those names in the hat. I wish I had a picture to show you all, but trust me when I say, I wish I could keep all this stuff for myself.

Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do. *that's such a loaded comment isn't it? lol*

Much love,

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