Friday, June 30, 2006

Le Sigh...

Le he not just yummy looking? Seriously. *vbg*

So let's turn this thread away from the gruesome and towards something a lot more palatable.

Went and saw Superman last night. OMG guys and gals. That movie flat out rocks. The love story between Lois and Superman is so...sigh.

The action sequences are pulse racing, the special effects some of the best I've seen in a long time. This movie has easily gone into the top 3 of my most favorite movies ever. That's saying a lot. I don't usually walk away with these feelings of I want to go back and watch watch watch type feelings when I finish watching a movie. Usually one time is all I need and then I'm good. But this one. Oh man, you can bet I'll be going one more time at least while it's in theaters and then will probably be the first in line to buy it on DVD. LOL.

Brandon Routh..was it there to say about him. A viritual unknown who had to follow, of all people, Christopher Reeves as the new man in tights. He didn't do a great job, he did a FANTATIC job! If you close your eyes I swear you'd think it was Chris talking back to you..he's got the good ol' corn fed looks, probably helps that he is a native Iowa-n. This big, beautiful body...oh man. And those blue eyes they give him in the Trust me, y'all. Go see it. You won't regret it. Girls and guys can enjoy this. Guys for the non stop action, girls just to watch that gorgeous man strut around in his tights. Mmmmm...hehehehe.

One of the best movies hands down. ;)

~~Viv K.

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