Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oh my...sometimes you just have to smile.

It's a good day. My son's back home from his 3 week adventure with his grandparents. Jeez, the little tyke grew so much in the time he was gone. It shocked me. Now I understand why it is that family always seems so surprised at how much bigger he's gotten. Kids really do sprout up like weeds, don't they? LOL.

I've been tackling a new novella, tentatively titled Midnight Whispers...although I know it will change. I'm writing my portion of a Dark Decadent Delight anthology and I got the honor of getting to use Delight as part of my title. Soooo...I'm still thinking on that one. I'm just one of those weird birds who can't write a darn thing unless I've got a title. Even if it's called 'Me so horny'. (Which I would never..but it would definitely make me giggle if I saw that on a bookstore shelf.) Just what romance writers need, another reason for other authors/readers to call our stuff hokey and uneducated. But that's opening up an entirely different can of worms and this post is not about that.

Soooo..why am I smiling? Well you know I've been talking about promoting, promoting, promoting...and that I'd get back to you if my little experiment worked or not,'s most definitely worked!

I'm amazed. I mean we all know that hard work eventually pays off. But I'm just shocked. I've received several fan letters yesterday and today alone. My editor at Cobblestone sent me a link to a yahoo group that's been buzzing about Leanne and my book and my visitor counter on blogger has gone up 22 pts in 1 night. WOW!

Man, I almost wish I had a counter on my website. I feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark where my site is concerned. I'm not sure if it's much of a selling tool, but one gal who wrote me mentioned that it was very lovely. So heck...even if it's just one. :) I'm pleased.

And although Cobblestone is not just about, I still want to brag about it...promotions work! They jumped 22k on the counter since the day of their grand opening. (I believe that's the specific number, if I'm wrong then I apologize for the misinformation.) Either way it was a HUGE number.

So no matter how hard it might seem to you guys...or that you worry it won't actually do anything to help your sales...keep at it. I'm so excited and ready to keep plugging along and pushing forward. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing ad space with RT Mag, going to chats, and doing interviews.

No doubt it's hard, but it works! LOL...I'm especially giddy because these fan letters come from gals I've never met before in my life. Not that family and friends aren't great, but man it really does something to you when you know fans up in Canada are loving your books. Hehehehe...

Also, on the 10th of June Romance Divas will host a cobblestone chat. Very likely that's where I'll have my big gift basket give-away. It'll include bath salts and oils, candles...possibly lotion. Part of my Fire and Ice theme. I'll let you know for certain whether that will be the day, or if I'll have to push it back a few days. But a big contest coming up!

Much love,
~~Viv K.

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