Wednesday, June 28, 2006

YOU WHAT?!?!?!

Okay, writing erotica can sometimes take you into a whole new world of the unusual. I like to give my character's depth and not make them "me". Many of them do and say stuff that I don't do in real life. IE: BDSM. I'm into a little pain play, scratching, biting..etc. But I'm by no means a hardcore bondage type girl.

Still to be a good writer I think you need to think broad. You need to recognize that not everyone likes vanilla (I don't)..but sometimes they want a nice meld of the two. Sweet and spicy. That makes your character more true to life, adds depth and makes them unique.

So often times I'll go exploring on the internet for strange or unusual sexual fetish's. I never want to use any too over the top, as we all know some can get rather distasteful at best.

I really thought I couldn't be shocked by anything anymore. Boy was I wrong...


The guru of apotemnophilia, if there is one, is John Money, an expert in sexuality and professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins University. In 1977, he coined the word and defined the disorder as a kind of extreme sexual fetish. Apotemnophilia victims, he wrote, want to cut off their limbs so they can have better sex.

Bruno, who studies the amputation-obsessed community's coming-out in the age of the Internet, said three groups have developed. The "devotees" love amputees, and some are so obsessed that they'll stalk disabled women in shopping malls. The "wannabes" hope to become amputees and the "pretenders" use wheelchairs and crutches to feign disability.

I didn't put this here to make anyone laugh. It actually got me thinking. I mean how miserable a life would this be? The article went on to say that when people couldn't get their dream fulfilled of becoming an amputee they resort to extreme acts of violence to try and get a healthy limb taken off. IE: sitting with their legs on a track waiting for a train to pass by, cutting it off themselves.

This one just came as a big shock to me. And truthfully the whole thing makes me sad. How miserable to have to live your life thinking that an amputated limb is the key to happiness.

For you there a limit to what you think is sane and safe? How much is too much and when does a fetish go way over the line? For me, it doesn't get much worse than this. BDSM, while not my bag, is a perfectly comfortable act of love between two consenting adults. This however goes above and beyond what I'm comfortable with. I never thought I'd actually find my limit always figuring if you're a sane and able bodied person then it's your life, your body, your choice. How do you guys feel about it and in your own writing, what are the limits you're willing to go to?

Much love,
~~Viv K.

If you want to read the entire article here it is:

It's a pretty fascinating read from a medical perspective. But then again, I'm studying to become a nurse. *shrug* I dig these sorts of reads.

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