Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth

I couldn't decide which picture to put up so I put them all up. Aren't they beautiful? Now I wish I was going to see fireworks half as pretty tomorrow, but they're probably not going to look anything like this. I went last year and yeah...lol, not even close. Still, it's the fourth and you better believe I'll be cheering along as I watch those little bottle rockets hit the air. LOL.

Happy Fourth everyone. I hope you have a wonderful day. I know I will. I'm going to be cooking and taking along a picnic. Maybe some fried chicken, potato salad and an apple pie. And because it's the holiday I'll actually do them from scratch. Oh wonders of wonders, Vivienne's gonna cook instead of order out for once. :p I'm sure my husband will appreciate it.

Have fun y'all, and whatever you do be safe.

Much love,


Oh, and go friggin' watch Superman! Make sure that Hollywood makes that sequel. ;)

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