Thursday, September 14, 2006

a lot of you have been asking

here's a short update. Praise God it looks like the cancer is contained. I'm now off the chemo treatments, and didn't even lose my hair! Miracle that, right? :D

I'm doing well, will be a regular at the hospital for the entire next year, but that's a very small price to pay. It seems like I can even still have kids, so there's miracle number two. God is good and I'm so grateful. I'm enjoying life, my family, my walk with Christ. No, times aren't always easy. Sometimes I don't feel great, but I enjoy life more than I ever did before.

As for writing however, that's gone into hiatus permanently. I just don't have the strength for it anymore. At least not right now. Maybe in the far future, but for now what's important is my walk, and my family. My health is steadily improving each day and for me this has been a new lease on life.

Thank you all for thinking of me and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I appreciated everyone of them.

God Bless

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