Saturday, April 29, 2006

Some good reviews rolling in...

Well, I was wondering how long it would take me before I actually missed a day to post. 72 entries later, I finally did. LOL...but honestly, I wasn't willing to keep subjecting you guys to more boring drivel just to get in a post.

Today however, I've got a mini bit of news and I wanted to share. :D

The reviews are pouring in and I couldn't be happier. I got not one, but 2 reviews today.

A recommended read from FAR for Witch Hunt:

I loved this book. The depth of emotion that these characters go through touched me. Lina has been through so much heartbreak from people’s constant judgment. Trent has been equally scarred from a traumatic past. Trent’s daughter Jess is sweet, smart, and curious. I loved the mystical aspects of the story. Granna is a hoot. The romance between Lina and Trent engrossed me with its depth, warmth, and complexity. It touched me so much that I cried. Thank you Leanne Karella & Vivienne King for this truly wonderful book. I truly hope you continue writing.

Reviewed by: Gretchen

And a 5 Angel Review, my first one for my upcoming cobblestone press release "Fire and Ice"! I'm so thrilled.

Vivienne King has created a story centered on two extremely different elements represented by two unique characters. Lumina might command ice but she has a passionate side that will rival the fire that runs in Pyroth’s veins. With a dominant alpha side, Pyroth is intoxicating and will leave readers enflamed just like he does Lumina. This reader is wondering if maybe there is another story out there waiting to be told for one of the additional elements, wind and water, found in this story. With an intriguing plot mixed with erotic passion, Fire and Ice is definitely a hot little read that this reader found enjoyable. 5 Angels!

Reviewed by: Shayley

Also my mighty Titans drafted Vince Young. Not the strongest QB out of the gates, but I see this man becoming another great in a few years time. I couldn't be happier.

Lots of great news for me today. Hopefully soon I'll learn if my short story got accepted into the NCP anthology and if Jessica likes my contemp erotica as much as I do. :) But for now that's it.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006


No, not the show, me. today anyway. LOL. I don't usually have what you could call fantastic luck. I tend to be sorta mediocre in the luck dept, it comes when it comes. But today everything was just so perfect.

I took my son out while my husband slept to do a few chores. Initially I'd only planned to stop and pick up some shoes my husband had turned in yesterday for an inspection he had at work. But then I decided, eh..let's just do all the chores that need getting done. I've got a couple of hours. First I went to get an oil change. Now, here in San Antonio, everything's crowded everywhere, all the time. There's no such thing as a quiet hour.

It can get a little less hectic but I still have to wait a good 2 hours to get my oil changed usually. And that's on a good day.

Welllll...long story short, I walk in there. The guy says he's not taking anyone else for the day, they're all slotted up. Okay..welp, I start to turn around and then somebody from the back room walks out and says that there were about 3 or 4 cancellations and if I was willing to wait they'd do mine first. Heck yeah!!!

I waited a total of 20 minutes and my oil change was done! BOOM! (Love it)

Then I go to the grocery store, figuring I need to do a little grocery shopping. Usually not a good idea at 2pm. That's when the retiree's come out of the woodwork to do their thing. Hehehehe, was a veritable ghost town in there. I had a list and I was in and out in less than an hour. Not to mention that there were sales galore. I bought roughly 150 dollars worth of groceries for 88! day just keeps getting better and better.

I go home, I'm totally on cloud nine by this point. I just know there's gonna be more great things waiting for me when I get home. And sure enough, I check the mail and I got a check waiting for me from one of my publishers. A nice little check if I do say so myself. :p

The husband and I got along awesomely today. My son acted more like a cute, adorable little tyke than the raging whirlwind he usually is. And now I'm getting ready to watch an episode of Alias I taped the other night, son's already asleep and I'm one happy woman. :D

Oh and I forgot to mention...I used to write under the penname of Clara Verone. Had to dump it for reasons of my own, but anyhow just out of curiosity I typed in the name of my last book under that name and got a pleasant surprise. Dream Weaver by Clara Verone just got a 5 Angel rating for Fallen Angel Reviews. LOL... I'm rather proud of the review myself, here's the link if you all want to read it. :)

Some days are just charmed that way. Got absolutely no writing done, but I did knock out several crits that were due. I had a backlist that would make most of you wince. LOL...Sigh...good day.

Even checked out this one blog that piqued my interest. You guys go check it out... ;)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Been tagged..

:) So I'm supposed to tell you all 6 things about me you may not know.

1. I married my high school sweetheart.

2. I was prom queen. Really, this is harder than it, so cut me some slack for this minor claim to fame. :p

3. You all may know I'm an author of paranormal, but I'm sure most of you aren't aware that I'm also penning a Christian historical at this time.

4. I've seen and said hi to a few celebrities in my life. John Mayer, passed him on the street in Denver, CO. Said hi and blushed so bad I ran away. The man is adorable. Shook President Clinton's hand outside of my church while he was still Commander and Chief. And spotted Laurence Fishbourne while in the Venetian at Las Vegas. Whew...guy has a larger than life persona. Cool guy.

5. I went to college for 2 years...dropped out about halfway due to issues beyond my control, but I was studying to become a Nurse. Now I'm going back to college in the Fall to become an English teacher. LOL.

6. I LOVE PRINCE! And not the prince of today, the prince of the 80's. Purple rain. When doves cry. Little red corvette. Raspberry Beret...sigh, he was and still is one of my favorites. I'm mostly a metal head, but get me some Commadores or Prince and I'll go Disco Diva on you in a second. ;)

LOL...oh jeez. More than you guys wanted to know. So here's a site I found through my friend tawny taylor and it's called Evil Editor. The guy is super informative, check him out. Hearing information from the inside guys is awesome!

Hope you all have a wonderful day y'all. I'm going to eat me some Greek for dinner later with a great big group of family and friends. Ought to be fun!


EDIT: Oh, and I can't believe I forget to tell you all! Spurs won!!! Woo hoo, had to go into overtime, but a beautiful 3 pointer at the buzzer tied the game and sent it into overtime where we commenced to spank them. ;) LOL. (and don't you love how fans take credit for a win? we...hehehe, oddly enough they never take credit for a loss. go figure.) *vbg*

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today has been a fairly predictable day. I'm still winding down from finishing that novella, so I haven't been writing a thing and I'm loving that. I really like when I can vegg and not feel guilty about it.

Tonight though I'm going to a playoff game. San Antonio Spurs vs the Kings. Woo hoo! I'm hoping that we'll spank them again, unfortunately it seems to be my luck that when I buy a ticket for a game they usually wind up losing. LOL. Oh well, I'm pretty sure the Spurs will be in final contention I'm not sweatin' it. I'm just going to have fun and relax.

Don't really have much to blog about today, so I'm gonna direct y'all over to my good friends blog. She's a pretty fun blogger. Hope everyone has a great night.


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Monday, April 24, 2006

Promotion! It's the thing to do...

So today I decided to do a bit of an insightful post rather than another stream of consciousness ramble.

Here's the deal, in the past few days I've gotten a lot of people asking me how to promote, when to do it...and what to do. I'm no expert, trust me..I'm just treading these waters myself. But I have learned a little and I don't mind sharing.

IMHO it's never too early to start promoting yourself. Even if you're not pubbed. Create newsletters, get interest generated in your work...would make things so much easier to already have an established audience.

One of my favorite authors ever, Marjorie M. Liu, created a great fan base before she ever got anything published. She was a fanfic writer before she actually started doing her own thing, and IMHO I have to believe that helped her become a USA Today bestseller straight out of the gates. (I believe it's USA, forgive me if I'm wrong.)

Anyway, point're not as boring as you think. You're a writer. You can be anything you want. Send out newsletters and have character chats. Talk up your progress..whatever. Create an interesting product and people will come.

Now, once you do have something pubbed. The best time to start is probably 2 months to a month before release. Send out those ARCS right away for review. (And by ARCS I mean the edited, clean version of your story the pub sends you. An advance copy if you will.) If you don't get them that early, there's other things you can do.

Join as many chatter writer loops as you can. Make yourself known. They usually have days where you can talk up your book as much as you want. Post excerpts of your work.

Next thing, set up chats. You may think you wouldn't have anyone show up, but that's usually not true. Promote the heck out of your event everywhere you can. IE: Blog. Personal Website. Romance Junkies. The Romance Studio. Romance Divas. RWC. (and there's so many more I couldn't list them all)There are those individuals who aren't writers but just die hard readers and they love going to chats, discovering new authors and...

this is a biggie if you're hosting a chat...

winning prizes! I'm a firm believer that those go a long way toward a successful chat. And it doesn't have to be anything big. I've seen it be something as big as a gift basket filled with 100$'s worth of goodies, to 2 or 3 free downloads of your book.

Go to a chat prepared. That's very important. If you don't have a game plan the chat could hit a plataeu and you've got to be able to steer it back towards your writing, your books...etc. Make it fun. This is how I handled mine.

I interspersed several excerpts with prizes. We had 5 gifts. 2 big ones, the other three free downloads of our book. So when the excerpt section started to lull, we'd say "time for another drawing" and the intensity picked right back up again. :)

They can be an awful lot of fun if you let them. Also when you go to a chat, you don't have to do this necessarily, but most people give out gift certificats to Borders or Waldenbooks. Guess what guys, your pub houses usually sell gift certificates too. How better to steer a customer back to your house and your book than by giving them a gift certificate only redeemable at ... You don't have to. But hey, why not, right?

Best times to promote your book is 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after. 2 weeks after you'll usually start to see sales slack a little. Generate interest again by hosting another chat, or by posting excerpts on reader chatter loops.

If you actually have the money to do a lot of promoting. Buy ad space. That could go a long way towards helping your sales. For instance I've purchased space at The Romance Studio, RT magazine, and Romance Divas.

Another thing I've heard that really works well are creating key chains, t-shirts, coffee mugs that sport your bookcover on it. Pens are great. Better bang for your buck. And those are so fun to give away. You can take them into Borders, ask them if you can leave a few, and there you've promo'd without having to talk to anyone. People love FREE stuff. Especially bookmarks, pens, keychains. Those are fun and go fast.

Do some of them, all of them. But I can almost guarentee that you're sure to sell to 1 new person who would never have heard of you otherwise.

Good luck with the promotions guys. Wishing you all much success in your individual careers. And hey, if you're reading this and you're not a writer...then please, check out my website I've got blurbs of my books posted up there and who might find something you like. :D

Much Love,

If anyone can think of anything else they like to do, please share. I'm always willing to learn more fun stuff.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Can someone take the grit from my eyes?

I did it. I finished my almost 150 pg novella. I can't describe it. Sometimes there's books that just come together. The stars align, the fates smile down on me, and my muse actually sticks around and makes herself useful.

That's how this baby was for me. At least in the beginning. The last 20 pages were sheer hell. LOL. Not because I didn't have a clue what to do or say, but I just hit this brickwall. This sorta "I'm so tired, I'm feeling lazy..." kind of brickwall. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

All in all, that's not bad. I usually hit that brickwall in every ms I've written. It's a given and I've come to expect it. The trick I've learned is to plow my way through those days. I may take a day or two or three off, but anything more than 3 and I start getting pissed at myself and that's when the magic happens. Anger translates into good writing days for me. LOL...don't ask me why, I honestly have no clue.

If I may compare writing to a running analogy this is how it most often feels for me. Most days I'm jogging, it's slow going but it's progress and I can't get mad at myself for that. Then there are those days when I'm so lazy and tired that the thought of running, or writing even one word makes me cringe and I opt not to. Which means I start feeling sluggish, sleepy all the time and like I've got no energy. But each day that passes with inactivity starts to get me cranky. All I keep thinking about is that instead of progressing a half step forward, I'm going back a whole step, which means starting over is gonna be all the harder for me. I'm gonna be rusty and really feel those days off. When 3 days pass, I feel anxious. It's no longer about not doing it, now it's either do it or I'm never gonna be able to get back on this wagon again and all that prior work will have been for nothing. When I do finally get back to "running", I'm so mad it's pretty much a marathon session of making up for past deeds.

That's how last night was for me. I started working on my novella at 11 and didn't stop til 5 in the morning. I wouldn't recommend it, it tends to make you miserable the next morning. LOL. But in a way, there's a satisfaction from knowing it's really done.

For better or worse it's been sent to my agent and for the time being, my job is done. I really hope she likes this one. I wasn't too certain when I sent her the last novella, but this one felt special. A little magical for me. At least while I was writing it.'s the oddest thing, but when I type the end, I always somehow feel like "sheesh, it could have been better. I should have done this instead of that"..and oh man, is that rough.

I believe I'm like most writers. I know there're those who really like everything they do and more power to them, I wish I could. But to me, doubting your work just a little is actually not a bad thing. I know laugh and say.."What are you talking about, Viv? That's the most inane thing I've ever heard."

But no seriously, hear me out. I think doubting your work is what makes you become a progressively better writer. I strive to learn from each book. And though I think my writing has improved by leaps and bounds from when I first started, I know that my journey will never end. I completely believe that you can and should learn from each ms and take those lessons and apply them to the next book.

Or am I just completely insane? I'm a little tired, so this entry may not make much sense, but it was something I've thought about a lot lately.

Anyhow, so here's my to-do list:

Crit a paranormal ST for a friend of mine.

Finish my portion of the DDD. (I'm about 1/4 of the way through my 120 pg entry. So not too shabby)

Start and finish my Rune Novella for Cobblestone.

Finish my sequel to Death.

Boy has that list been pared down a lot. No new projects for me until I get all four of those done. Although I have a new book idea beating me over the brow. A bit different from my normal's a fantasy spin off in a very urban setting. But it's more a Kim Harrison, Laurell K. type work than a straight romance. It will have romantic elements but probably won't be categorized an exclusive romance. I'm excited. I think it'll be fun.

So that's me. Big entry. can tell I'm between stories, I tend to ramble more when I am.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Life moves on, and so do I...

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Ironically enough the rejection inspired me to get my dratted novella done last night, and I did! Tonight after the family goes to bed all I have to do is some final edits and then I'm gonna send it off.

I'm pretty hopeful about this story. It's set in Jamaica, features a gorgeous hunk of a hero who closely resembles Tiki Barber, and a Angelina Jolie look alike, except a little meatier. Anyhow, it's at this hedonistic resort where things get hot and heavy and fast. :D I liked the way it turned out and I'm really hopeful that Jessica will too.

So that's me. I've decided that it doesn't matter how many rejections I get, I'm gonna inundate them with mss until they find something of value. LOL.

Feeling good and positive today. I also dropped a pound last night! Big woo hoo! ;) 1 down, 19 to go.


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Friday, April 21, 2006

Got some news..finally

Welp I was rejected by two houses today. :( One of whom I'd really hoped to pub with. On the one hand I'm really bummed. I mean who wouldn't be? But on the other I still believe it's good to know and not be kept in the dark about what's going on.

I know I mentioned the other day (in joking) that I wouldn't care if all 8 houses rejected me by this point because I just wanted to know. But I didn't mean it! lol... Now, I'm thinking that might have been a dumb comment to make. Sigh.

I'm a little depressed, especially seeing not one, but both say they didn't find my writing compelling. :(

Okay, I still have my book out there with 6 more houses. But jeez. Not a good way to start my querying process. I know everyone who goes through NY usually suffers through rejections. But I can't help but feel a little scared that they all may end up coming back rejected.

And the doubting demon is really pounding me over the head right now. If those 2 houses didn't like it...what in the world would make me think the other ones would?

On a sidenote both rejection slips are dated the 10th of April and it took til today for me to get them. A whole 10 days later...should I expect another 2 rejections on the 30th?

By this point, I'm afraid anything's possible.

Sorry for the sad post. Rejections no matter who you are, just suck the life right out of you. :(


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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wow you guys...

Last night's chat went wonderful! So many people turned out, I was just amazed. We had a great time, and though I was 30 minutes late to my own life..grrr) I was still there for an hour and a half! It went so much better than I expected it would.

This was my first time chatting and I want all of you to know you made the experience really fun and I know now I'm definitely gonna have to schedule those more often! LOL.

SO I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came out. (If I forget you, please forgive me..I'm just writing down names from the top of my head.) Without any particular order:

CC, Silma, Shelli, Lori, Sheri, Sable, Deanna, Mia, Jessica, and oh jeez, so many others I can't remember everyone. But you girls rock! I hope those of you who won gifts enjoy them, we had a great time giving them away. :D

Oh, and I wanted to address something signed on my guestbook. Namely that this person believes she's not interesting enough to set up a chat and that she doesn't know if she'd be able to draw chatters.

Let me give you this piece of advice. One..this was my first chat ever. I've recently switched pennames, so I had to start from scratch gathering a fan base. I'm definitely not well known, but all you've got to do is promote it! That's a biggie, big! If you don't promote, who'll know to come?

I started 3 days before my chat and told all my chatter loops when, where, and how. Then I wrote a reminder each day after. We had at least 25 people come out, if not more...that's pretty good considering I'm no Nora Roberts or Laurell K. Hamilton. LOL

And I can say this, prizes go a long way. Readers really respond to that. It doesn't have to be more than a few downloads of your book. For instance Leanne and I gave away 3 free book downloads, a 20$ gift certificate from our publishing house--NCP--and the big prize, a necklace/earring set that our heroine would surely wear if she existed. LOL.

Then be prepared to put up a few excerpts of your book, and if time permits (as it did with mine last night) you can even put up excerpts from some of your other books. I got to promote the heck out of my Fire and Ice, cobblestone book and it's not even due to be released until Jun 2nd. So yeah, have all that stuff lined up.

Anyone can host a sucessful chat if you just come prepared. :D

Well okay, that's it for me. I've got to get back to writing. Muse has come back and I've gotten 7 pages done. I'm at the last about 12ish more pages until I'm done! Woot! Good day.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just a short note

Today's the chat. Looking like I might be a little late to my own chat. :( But, it was coauthored with my dear friend Leanne and she will be there. I'll show up hopefully not to soon after, so please, stop by and say hi.

Remember it's 8 Central, 9 Eastern over at the chat room.

Got no writing done last night. Actually for the past 3 nights, so I'm grumpy about that.

Okay, I'm off very busy day ahead of me and if I can finish early enough then I might be on time to my own chat. Sigh...


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tis crunch time peeps...come help me out

Alrighty then. Here's the info. Please come y'all. Yes, I've resorted to begging. I'm shameless and I'll admit it. This is the first time I've ever actually done any promo'ing...I'm sorta trying to see if it really helps up your sales at all. We shall see.

So here's the info and a few reviews.

Tomorrow at in their chat room at 9pm Eastern, should be 8 Central I believe, but if you know different please correct me. Anywho, I'm having a chat with my pal Leanne Karella about our novel Witch Hunt. We're giving away some great prizes. An earring and necklace set (go to Leanne's website if you want to see what it looks like and click on contest) I'm also giving away a $20 gift certificate for NCP books! I mean how much more generous can I be? *cheeky grin* Why, I'm not even asking you to use that 20 to buy my book (subliminal message: Please. Pretty pretty please. Buy me, buy me, buy know you wanna) I mean jeez, you could buy Jodici Belle's book, or heck even a Michelle M. Pillow paranormal (buy me, buy me, buy me).

So umm...whaddaya say? Stop on by. Would love to see you all there. :)

Oh yeah, and here's a new review I found this week...

5 hearts from Love Romances:

These two talented authors give the reader not only a very sensual read but also a very spiritual one. Trent has to come to grips that the world of the spirit is indeed very real and can only enhance his life. This is a story that will touch all emotions and this reviewer confesses to shedding a tear near its ending.


See she likes me. You might too. ;)


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Monday, April 17, 2006

Mopey, rhymeless rant ahead...

Okay, don't read further if you don't want to be sucked into my woe is me moment here.

I'm not feeling good today. :( Ate way too much chocolate, seriously. I'm sick to my stomach, I'm exhausted...all that damn chocolate kept me hopped up 'til 3 in the morning. Son woke up at 5...I was able to get him back to sleep until about 9...but I'm feeling worse than ever.

Pounding headache, bloodshot eyes.

*isn't this only supposed to happen to kids?*

I really overdid it yesterday. LOL. I've been on a strict diet of all health foods, ya know it's summer time, gotta shed that winter blubber...but oh...I couldn't resist temptation. Soooo much candy, my poor stomach.

I need to hear some good news today. Anybody have any? 'Cause I'm pretty certain good news is far far off in my distant future. So share, cause I need to smile.

Oh...and just wanted to let you guys know who drop by. I've got an author chat happening over at on the 19th of this month. Wednesday, to be precise. I believe it's at 7pm. I'll let you know for certain what time. Anyhow I'll be discussing Witch Hunt and probably some other projects, so please stop by. I'd like to pretend I'm halfway interesting to talk to.

Although, it's looking like I may have to bail on my own chat. I really hope not. I'd hate for Leanne to have to deal with this on her own. We both wrote the book together and I think it's really important I'm there too, ya know? Will try and work some strings, figure something out. In the meantime, let's just hope I can make it. I'm still promo'ing the heck out of it though.

Oh, and for those of you who don't know, me and a couple gal pals of mine started another blog called:

It's fun, just us being our goofy selves! Stop by, say hi...we'd love to see you there.

In other unrelated news, I watched 2 movies last night. Now I'm not normally a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I was really in the mood for a romantic comedy, so I rented 'The truth about love". Really good movie! Very cute. The hero is the guy from Ever After. Remember Drew Barrymore's love interest? The prince. Well this is him and his scottish accent comes out in this one and oh my!!! Very hot. Loved him. Jennifer does a mean British accent too. Highly recommend it.

Also watched: "The Machinist". Whoa! That's all I got to say. Anyone keep hearing about that movie that Christian Bale lost tons of weight for and he looks like a walking skeleton? (literally) Well this is it. You wanna talk about yuck! One of the hunkiest guys in Hollywood, he really looked bad. Still love him, but ewww. Still if you can overlook the gaunt frame the movie really got you thinking. Great ending (not much of a surprise) but the twists and turns it takes you on, fantastic journey into pychosis and back again.

So yeah, if you're in the mood for some great watches, Viv suggest those. ;)

~~Viv (who's still anxiously waiting to hear anything about death and who's certain more and more each day that bloody hell, they don't like it! :(

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter guys! Now I'm off to take my son on a rousing easter egg hunt!

Maybe mama will even keep some of the candy for herself. ;)



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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tomorrow's Easter

Going to church, have an easter egg hunt with my child and then off to theater to finally see Ice Age 2. Hope it's as good as the reviews say it is.

Tonight I hope to get some writing done. Totally spazzed last night. Too tired to think or do anything. Don't know what's wrong with me lately but I've got no energy. I've always been a borderline anemic...probably just that. Maybe I need to increase my veggie uptake again.

As you can tell, not much to write tonight. And now my baby's crying....


gotta run.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll actually get some writing done tonight. The way things are looking, probably not! *gnashing teeth*


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Friday, April 14, 2006

writing update..and some weird sh*t

I've don't have much to post tonight, so instead I'm just gonna put my goals up here and what I've done thus far on this novella.

I'm at page 106, but that's a bit deceptive because today I wrote 20 pages (by hand) in my journal. I'll have to transfer all that over, but it's getting there. Slowly but surely. I've got 3 big scenes left to write, about another 20 pages, give or take. So it looks as if this novella is gonna wrap up around the 35k mark. More than respectable. Got a couple of places for it in mind, so we'll have to wait and see. :D

I dunno, Shelli must have rubbed off on me or something. I had a really strange dream last night. Or rather more this morning. You know that period in time when you're almost awake, but not quite there yet...the dreams feel soooo real?

I don't have them often, but when I do they're weird. Anyhow, let me explain some of the situation, so the dream makes more sense. My husband just started working nights again. The graveyard shift rather, and having to switch from day shift to night shift is always jarring for him. Yesterday he only managed 3 hours of sleep, which meant he'd have to stay awake a total of more than 19 hours.


Especially when he has to drive over 15 miles to work in the morning.

So anyway, here's the dream. I'm lying in bed and all I keep picturing is that he swerves, the car crashes and I get a phone call telling me he's dead. I wake up twice from that dream, realize it's just a dream, and go back to sleep but keep waking up praying and sobbing that he'll get home to me safe and sound and in one piece.

I wake up, go about my day and think nothing more of that dream until tonight. I'm kissing him as he leaves the house and tell him in an offhanded manner, be careful..I kept having this nightmare last night that you crashed and died.

He looks at me real strange and says: "Wow, that's weird. I was driving home and fell asleep at the wheel twice, then suddenly I'm okay and I finally manage to get home."

Whoa!!! Freaky or what? I dunno, I wouldn't exactly call what happens to me premonitions, because they don't always happen, but there's been many times when I'll have a really really bad feeling about a person or place and then I find out someone's died, or there's been an accident.

Who knows. My grandfather was a witch doctor. Maybe that blood runs through my veins too. LOL.

And now that you all think I'm totally nuts, goodnight. ;)


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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Yay, just took a test today and found out I have an IQ of 120. Not too why do I always feel so dumb? LOL.

Anyhow, here's a short excerpt of what end result said:

Congratulations, Vivienne!Your IQ score is 120

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others. Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.

I guess being a word warrior is a good thing considering what I do. LOL. If you guys want to take the test (and I warn you, it's a little mind numbing) here it is:

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Whew, I'm tired...

Been getting very little sleep these past few days. Running almost entirely on empty. Got nothin' left. I was dead set and determined to try and get some writing done tonight, but after I just finished judging about 17 entries I'm too tired to think anymore.

I don't even have a decent post ready for you guys. All I can think about is bed.

Sorry y'all. Witty Viv has gone on temporaray hiatus. Check back tomorrow, maybe you'll catch her in a more goofy mood then.


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I said I would, and I am. I have an ammendment to make

Several days past I wrote a rant about a site called starworld. I assumed, mistakenly, that what they were talking about was agent fees. Which no agent should ever ever do. It took my lawyer friend to set me straight, they are in fact a consultant firm. Meaning, what they say they do on their page is perfectly legit.

I still have issues, things they do that scream something's not right to me, but I'd rather this bruhaha die down now. So I'm hereby nipping it in the bud.

No more on this subject. End ammendment now!


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


For those of you who haven't checked on Kristen Nelson's blog today, I just had to share. She's in NY right now, marketing, selling...doing what agents do I guess.

Anyhow, she has news from the inside.

Erotica's hot!

Umm..duh. I think we all know that,'s seriously hot! Basically she's saying if you're an ellora's author (though I think any writer of erotica would qualify) that you better dust off a nice novel length ms and start sending them in. We're just at the beginning of this trend...we haven't seen anything yet. Apparently NY is fiending in a big way for anything and everything erotica, especially crossbreeds. Erotica paranormal, erotica contemps..etc.

So if you write it, send it in. You're odds are much better to get in now while the gettin's good, and while it's still not oversaturated.

Not just that...but I'm oh so excited...urban fantasy's are still uber hot and way in demand. And for those of you not in the know an urban fantasy is basically a paranormal. City type settings with vamps, weres, maybe even elves, if you take them out the woodlands and plop them down in a bar.

Straight sci-fi is starting to go on a downward swing, but sci-fi crossbreeds are as hot as ever. Unfortunately for us straight up fantasy writers...sorry gals/guys, they're still the ugly step child. There's hope if you can come up with a completely unique idea,'s a tough sale right now. :(

So there's the scoop and it's smokin' hot!

It gives me much more hope for death. :D

If you want to read everything she said head over to


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Monday, April 10, 2006

No good rejections? Who says...

Soooooo, I'm happy. Filled with relief as a matter of fact. Want to know why? I was rejected.

No, not for death. For my little vampire novella I was whining and moaning about on my blog days ago. The one that was like pulling teeth, well you know the one, and if you don't just look up my past blogs, you'll see what I'm talking about.

But I digress. Yes, I'm happy. Sounds so silly I know, but seriously I'm smiling as I write this.

My agent called me today, basically she said she thought she could sale this novella, but that it wasn't as strong or as magical as death, so she'd hold on to it for a while. So in actuality I wasn't rejected, I guess I just pulled it on my own. Thing is, I kinda agreed with her on all points, but it's just not in me to rewrite it and she didn't ask for one. Just that it wasn't my strongest work. And boy am I glad she said that.

This novella was previously published. And it's good, BUT, I've learned a lot since then. Yes, I rewrote some of it...but I think unless I'd done a complete overhaul, rewritting the entire thing, it wouldn't have the same magic or pop as death. She and I decided I'd try and submit this elsewhere. I have 2 places in mind and actually already submitted it to one place today. I'll let you know if it finally gets accepted.

It's hard to explain why I'm so happy I guess. Thing is, the story is good. It just doesn't scream this new improved Viv. Like I said I had a lot to learn of the craft back then, and while it's technically sound and the story is interesting, it wouldn't make much of a splash in NY. It's too similar in plot to many other vampire tale. Not to say it's bad, or that I'm giving crap to epublishers (heaven forbid that you guys think that's what I'm saying)...more so, that it isn't quite unique ENOUGH for me to stand out from the norm in NY. Get it?

I still hope to sale it though, I think as far as vampire tales go, it's rather entertaining. But (and I can be honest about this with myself) it's pretty standard vampire fare. Readers still love vamps, and I do too, but for me it's really important that if I sale to NY I stand out from the crowd. I don't want to be boxed into the cookie cutter mold of paras.

So I'm relieved. :)

I think I probably confused the heck out of everyone there, but heck...I'm a writer...we tend to think too fast for our fingers to keep up. :P

I also got to lay my 'death' fears to rest. Thank God for Jessica! I absolutely love her. I asked her about death, laid out my concerns, especially what Jenny said: You know the whole 30 day debacle, and let's just say that Jessica made me see how foolish I was to believe that.

I won't go into detail, but I'll give you the abridged version. Basically Jessica used to be an aquisitions editor for Berkley (I belive it's berkely) anyhow, because of that she's got a very good understanding of the process. She told me that a book isn't just read and boom, "let's buy it!", but rather the entire process can take up to 2 to 3 weeks from start to finish. And she added, that unless they got the book and picked me up and read death immediately the process could, AND HAS, taken a few months to finalize. 1 month, she told me, is awfully fast and that it has happened, but it's not a guarentee and not to give up hope. She said that she averages anywhere from 2 months, and with one book 2 years!, before finally making that sale.

But she loves my book, and she's just as determined as I am to see it sale. Needless to say, I'm one very happy (and lucky) camper. So there's the scoop. I was going to try and wait until tomorrow to post it, but I was too excited to wait.

So yay! Now I'm gonna chill out, work on my novel (which is almost DONE...yeehaw) and get back to my sequel as soon as possible.

So who said there's no such thing as good rejections? ;)


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On a roll baby!

Okay, I had every intention of starting my DDD project this week. But another novella kept calling me. I was halfway finished with the project and just didn't think it right to keep putting it off. Besides the fire is there for this one, so I just had to finish it.

Anyway, It's coming together verra niiiiice. I'm at page 90 tonight. So I managed 15 pages worth of writing today. Feeling good about it. I'm aiming for this to be a minimum of 120 pages, which means I'm about 30 away from the end. At this pace, I could have this sucker finished and sent to my agent by weeks end. I'm sooo excited.

I'm really proud of this project. It's my first time switching genres, and actually finishing it. It's a contemp romantica and it's very different from my normal fare. Which might be why I've been so inspired with it. It's a lot of fun to write, and I really hope I can get this into an anthology somewhere. It's good enough I think and I'm desperate to get my work onto bookstore shelves. :(

So, I should definitely have this sucker done by Wednesday, no later than Friday and then finally I'll be able to start on the DDD. I'm sorry girls, I just couldn't resist temptation. But I swear that I'm a really fast novella writer, so I'll have my portion done *knock on wood* in decent time. I don't normally need more than 2 weeks per novella. So I'm doing okay.

After that I have my rune story due for cobblestone, and then hurrah...back to my sequel, whose predecessor is having a heck of a time finding any love in NY, but I can't stop working on it. I love that series. So, for better or for worse, I'll finish the 5 book series either way.

Alright, that's me. :) Night, from a very contented writer.


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Sunday, April 09, 2006

No writing for me last night

Hubby really wanted me to go to sleep with him. On the one hand, that's good. I actually got some good sleep, pretty rare anymore. But on the other, I'm really bummed because I'd hoped to get to page 100 or thereabouts on my novella by tonight. Oh well. I chose to make my man happy, I can live with that. :D

So today I just have a curious post. With writing trends changing as fast as my mother buys herself a new furniture set, my question is this:

Paranormals gluted, but there was a time, say as short as 6 months ago that if an agent could find herself a paranormal author that book would be sold in a matter of weeks, if not days.'s starting to resemble what's happened to historicals (though let me rephrase that, because historicals seem to be appearing with a little more frequency on bookstore shelves anymore. So let's call it the chic-lit, that's pretty dead in the water) editors aren't as aggresive to pursue buying it. It would take an act of god, or a really unique spin on the whole chic-lit/para genre anymore (seems like) to get them even remotely interested, but that still doesn't guarentee a sale.

Current trends being what they are now, erotica's all the rage. Now that is turning the editors rabid for more (and I say that in as nice a way possible, but truth is this is a business first) and erotica equals big bucks. And believe you me, I am all about that trend. I love that women are able to be more free to express themselves sexually and not be labled some tramp or heaven forbid; slut, whore, ho (or whatever other ugly slur usually associated with a woman knowing what she wants and going for it).

But I can't help but wonder, what will the new trend be? Do you see any genre already established making a firm upswing in the near future, or will it (like erotica) be some underground genre that finally begins to turn heads. And if so, which?

Here's my theory. What goes around comes around, and no I'm not just talking about bad things, but history always has a way of repeating itself. From fashion, to movie trends. What was once hot, and then isn't, suddenly becomes hot again.

So with that thought in mind, I'd say, (chic-lit is newly dead, so that'll stay dead for a few years. Wait for another sex in the city show to air and then it'll be all the rage again) historicals. That's my guess.

Historicals really haven't gone anywhere. You can always see a few really great authors selling them, and even a few newbies have been able to find a home for their stuff, but let's admit it, it really isn't what it once was. However, I think for the reader it's always been a comfort thing. Historicals are like that old sweater, you know the one, all scuffed up and torn at the collar. That ratty, old thing that when all you really want to do is be at peace, drink your cocoa, and listen to the gentle rain falling outside your window, you pull it out.

That's what a historical is for me. Comfort food. Or more accurately, a comfort read. But I'll take it even one step further. I believe this new brand of historicals will take place on lands, islands, whatever, that the old historicals rarely visited.

Don't get me wrong, I still love a good Scottish protaginist, but with the way people travel and vacation anymore, I think we're gonna start seeing more exotic locales.


But I could be all wrong. You may know something I don't. So share guys. What do you think it's gonna be, and why? Granted, I think erotica's are here to stay at least for the next 4 to 5 years. That's about the current lifespan of a trend.

And the reason I ask is because if you're really serious about trying to sale to NY, then it's probably not a bad idea to think market wise. Yes, people tell you write what you love, but I think that addage is two-fold. To be successful, write what you love, but be smart and savvy at the same time. Imagine being in on the trend, before it gets trendy. Being a pioneer, someone who blazes the path. Jaid Black did, now she's definitely reaping the reward for her sheer cussedness and tenacity.

If you disagree with me, okay. :) But tell me why, I'm in the mood for a really good debate here.


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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Busy tonight

I'm trying really hard to knock out a few novellas, keeps me distracted, and plus I love writing, so hey...easy choice, right? :)

So tonight I'm mainly just focused on one and trying to get it done by the end of next week. Don't know how well it'll work out, but I'm one of those people that needs a goal to strive towards to have any chance of succeeding.

After my break down yesterday, I dunno what happened, but I feel sooooo much better. Woke up this morning just thinking, it will happen. It will. Don't know why the sudden change, but I just feel okay about it. So I'm chilling out and waiting.

Short post, now back to work for me. :)

Thanks for all the support guys.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Learned some new stuff today

Earlier today I participated in an agent chat with Jenny Bent of Trident Media Agency. Knowledgeable woman, had a lot to share. She said a few things that really got me thinking though. Some good, some bad.

As most of you know who read my blog, my ms is currently making the rounds in NY. My agent sent my packet off to six houses and I've yet to hear anything back on that. I wasn't really worried, figured it could take me anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to sell. (Though, you all know the wait is killing me, I still felt I had a fairly decent chance of getting sold)

Now I'm not so sure. Statistically Jenny told me, that if a ms hasn't sold within the first 30 days, then that's a really bad sign and could mean it just never will. There are a few exceptions she said, but that's basically the rule.

Ummm....oh god! My ms has been flying through NY for 23 days now and nothing. Not even sure if any of them have even rejected me yet. I just know nothing. I had no idea, NO CLUE, that mss should sell that first. I thought THAT was the exception, not the rule. WRONG, I guess. Which kills me. This means I have 7 days, 7 DAYS, to make that sale, or I probably won't.

Ugh!! *somebody shoot me now please*

Not just that, but apparently the market is gluted with paranormals, tough sale, and newbie authors, EVEN TOUGHER SALE. Oh jeez! Could the deck be stacked more against me right now?

Fine, okay whatever. I had a serious meltdown today about that. Talked my friends ears off about it, got lots of cyber hugs, and honestly had a good cry. The conclusion I came to, NY is my dream, but if they won't take death, then I will still find a home for it because that book and those characters deserve it. They're good characters. The book is good. Maybe the plot has been seen before, but it's my own unique spin on the way I see life. Eve and Cian deserve to have their chance to shine, and by golly if I won't give them that chance. Not just that, but I have 4 other books lined up in this series, and damn it all, they're gonna see the light of day.

So if Jessica eventually has to pass it back to me for lack of enthusiasm then I'm gonna send it either to NCP or Cerridwen. Haven't figured out which yet. But that's that and I need to stop stressing.

The good though is this:

Did you know reviews go a long way with agents?? I sure as hell didn't. Apparently Jenny signed this one author who'd only sold 100 books, but she had these amazing, fantastic reviews on her her own words, she managed to get the girl a hefty 6 figure advance!

Holy heck batman!!! WHAT?? Just from reviews?

*shaking head* yes ma'am, just from reviews.

So here's my advice to you. Keep 'em and use them when you're pitching to that agent or editor. You never know. And what could it hurt, right?

So okay, that's it for me tonight. Back to work on my novella.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

So would you?

Well, pretty unbusy day for me today. And by unbusy I mean I can actually focus on my writing, been helping out a few people here and there, and I love doing it...but it sure is awesome to get crackin' on your own stuff too. :D

Last night I got a pleasent, small surprise. My coauthored novel, Witch Hunt, is getting some really excellent reveiws. 5 Angels from FAR, 4 Hearts from ecata, and a little bird told me that due to some strange mix up FAR will actually be doing a second review for us and to expect to be pleasantly surprised by that one as well. As long as it's not anything under, would hate to get a 5 and a 3 from the same place. And to see the reviews, here're the links:

This is great. There was a time when I never could get anything higher than a 3. Not shabby, but I certainly wasn't getting these keeper votes. Guess that's just a testament that as time goes by your writing will eventually improve. I'm a firm believer that each book is just a little better than the last. And thank God for that, because if you guys ever had the misfortune of reading my earlier works you'd know how much I've improved. LOL...

I have one story called the Highlander's Curse about a gypsy witch who falls for a highlander only to discover him late one night in the arms of another woman. Sick at heart she curses him to immortality, he'll never age, but the kick is she turned this virile handsome man into a toad. Not a literal one, but figuratively speaking.

He's not so much hideous as he's plain. Bald, pock marks, little on the flabby side. The only thing about him that remains the same are these pierceing blue eyes. And the only way for this curse to be broken is for someone to actually fall in love and discover the kind man inside. Takes place about 500 years later. The only good thing about this story is the poem my sister wrote for it. The curse the gypsy uses..and because I'm proud of her, I'll post it here.

Oh you will pay for what you've done... the hearts that you've deceived. The time has come to make amends... with lies that you have weaved. I'm not the first, though I'm the last... with which you'll have your way. For you have tread on things unknown... and now Redemption Day!

I conjure up the powers that be... of mine and up above-You will be cursed to feel this pain... the inner pangs of love!

First, I’ll melt away your charm… and scorn you with foul stench.
I’ll strip your splendid looks and leave your feet with plagues of trench. You’ll never be the man you were… you’ll live your days in dread. Until you truly learn to love… the past will blight your head.

You’ll find the one you long to have… and feel where once was numb. You’ll transform back if she can love… the monster you’ve become.

Cool huh? Curse your feet with trench...ewww...don't know about you, but that's kinda yucky. LOL...but in a nutshull, that's the plot for the book. So it's this big convulutated tale of over 400 pgs for Dillion (my hero) to find THE ONE. It's actually a pretty cute story and for it being my first, I think it has some excellent potential. But it needs a serious cleaning.

I keep thinking that someday I'll have to go back and get this thing done, but I always keep getting new ideas and I want to write those and then I don't have time for this...and well, you know how it is. So I'm saving that book for when I hit a serious dry spell and we'll see if I can resurrect my highlander from the ashes one last time.

Now, onto other news...I'm going to be doing an author chat for Witch Hunt, Apr. 19th. Wondering one, would any of you be willing to come? It'll be at the romance studio in their chat room at I believe 7 or 8. Will come back with all the information the closer we get to the date.

But guys want prizes? Does that really entice you guys to take a good serious look at an author? Or do you just take the prize and run? I've always been curious about that. And if you like prizes at these things, then what kind? Leanne (who I coauthored with) is, I believe, giving out a necklace. I'm thinking about a starbucks gift certificate, maybe even a new concepts pub gift card....I would do borders, but heck...ncp has so many great authors.

Anyhow, curious to know. And if you can think of anything else you guys really like to see offered up as prizes let me know. :)


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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here's the 411 son has been watching way too much Disney channel lately. For those of you with kids, you might get the reference up top, if not... how's it feel to wonder? Mwah ha ha ha...

Okay so whatever. Here's the deal. Lots going on with me and I'm ready for bed, so I'm writing a quick entry and then I'm done for the night.

Today, mailed off my novella to my agent. Hope she likes it, but if not then I think it'll be going to NCP. I'm fairly sure they'd take it and I'd love to get my book included in some anthology to finally get me on bookstore shelves. It's a paranormal (duh!) shifter story. Blurb follows...and this is my blog so I can force you to read whatever I want! Ohhhh...the power!

Gaven MacDade is a vampire of the Rayven clan, struggling with his immortality, or rather lack of it. His clan is cursed by the Blood Drinker to fade to dust in their three-thousandth year.

On a quest to break the curse, he meets Apollonia, the embodiment of his darkest desires. She knows something about the curse placed on Gaven's people and if he would only surrender to her, she'd become his living legend.

Okay, I really think that last line sucks the big one, but oh well...what are you gonna do about it? I couldn't come up with anything better.

So that's out. Thank God.

But, I still owe 3 more novellas before I can return to my sequel to D.A.T.W.H. And if you don't know what the acronym stands for, just jump over to my website and scoll down to death series. :D (Shameless promotion)

So that's me. Busy bee. But I wouldn't have it any other way. And no, I've heard nothing back about my ms getting accepted by an editor at NY. I'm sure you guys are just dying to know and all that jazz...*snort*...but you'll just have to suck it up and wait I guess.

(hehehe, like anyone gives a damn other than this obsessive compulsive writer, but I'll pretend that you all are my adoring fans..blah blah blah)

I'm tired. Night


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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where I've been and stuff like that...

Well I had this cool banner up with a map of the world that showed these countries I'd been to. But something happened, a fart in cyberspace or something, because it won't show up now. Needless to say, it's not much. I've only ever been outside the states to one country. Panama. And that's mainly because I have family there, so I have a reason other than vacation, to visit.

Can I just say, this is pathetic? I really need to travel more. Unfortunately the wallet does not get the point!

So today, I'm starting work on my novella. Mainly just doing the last minute plotting on it. I used to be one of the worst pansters you'd ever come across. But I learned that method doesn't really work for me anymore. After about the 3rd or 4th book I started that I couldn't finish because suddenly I was at the middle and nothing made sense anymore, I knew my panster days were over. Now, I'm a beautiful amalgum of the two. I do a very loose plot, enough to get my main points of what I want told down, then I panster the rest. But so long as the big important stuff works, then I feel free to let my mind wander. The one thing I miss about being a panster though is that there's magic in not knowing what will happen. You find yourself just as surprised as your characters, sometimes in a really good way, sometimes in a frustrating "I'm-gonna-yank-all-my-hair-out-and-scream!" way. LOL...but no, I've found what works for me and I stick to it.

Oh and thanks to everyone yesterday for your suggestions. I decided to go with P.U.R. = Paranormal Urban Recon. Has a nice ring to it. Also, it works well because the leader of the team is a were and my ass kicking heroine (who's a vamp) used to date said leader and can't find enough reasons to rag on him. PUR gets under her skin like nothing else can because she's a vamp, and vamps don't PUR. LOL...think it has some funny irony to it.

So okay, thanks Silma, Faith, and Loribelle. That's what I went with. :)


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Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm back in the saddle again...

*gotta love aerosmith lyrics, in my head I can hear Steven Tyler screeching I'm baaaaaaaaaaack* Sigh, love that group.

So, okay last night I was thinking and it hit me, I've got a pretty nifty idea for my next book, but I'm missing something. So because I'm totally fried in the creativity dept right now, maybe you guys could help me.

Let me give you a little blurb. This is a vampire story. She's a paranormal investigator for the city of San Fran. Now, only supernatural creatures can work in that elite unit, and they only go out on the case when a crime involves another supernatural creature.

Now here's my problem. What in the world should I call that squad? I'd love a snazzy acronym. But right now I'd take anything, so long as it's memorable. Can anybody think of anything? Or just give me some ideas, no matter how weird, to get me thinking along those lines. I'll admit, I'm burned out right now...been working on a million different projects and so I'm a little frazzled. But I'm still excited about that book and I have this weird thing about wanting everything ironed out before I start working on the book. Helps keep my thoughts in line.


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Sunday, April 02, 2006


I'm not blogging tonight, and you can't make me. :p

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Worst day ever...

I'm so upset, I've never had so many bad things happen to me at once. I don't even know where to begin. My head is spinning, my thoughts are fuzzy and that bottle of is Jack is calling.

It's a long story, but let me give you the abridged version. First, my dog died. Lola the tramp. See wasn't she cute?

One second she was admiring herself in the mirror, the next she fell to the ground, a limp noodle and already cold. Vet said she suffered such a massive heartattack she felt no pain. Thank god for tiny miracles.

Then, this freak lightning storm just came out of nowhere. I mean, one second the day is balmy, the sun is out, small fluffy clouds drifting in the blue blue sky and then BOOM. I screamed, all the hair on my head stood on end (seriously, it was a sight to behold)...then my husband is running outside, tripping over his feet as the scent of sulfur engulfs our house only to notice that our car was neatly split down the middle, noxious black plumes spiraling toward the sky. He was cursing, I was in control and oddly pleased, the piece of crap was a gas guzzler, now our insurance has to fork out the dough and buy us a new car. I'm thinking a VW bug...which by the way is gonna be painted cherry red with black spots. I mean if it's called a bug, it should look like a bug, IMHO.

Sad to say but the lightning destroyed all his precious CD's (and if you knew my husband, you'd know that was tantamount to a death sentence). Though it did spare my last piece of big red. It was a little warm, kinda toasty, but eh...what are you gonna do about it?

Then, and if this doesn't just take the cake, my child suddenly decides he can fly and jumps off the roof with nothing but a batman sheet tucked around his shoulders. We tried, lord did we try, to run out there and catch him. But we missed, and ummm experienced the shock of our life as we raced after him down the street. He bounced, literally bounced, to a stop.

I'm a frazzled, nervous wreck. The smallest sound and I start twitching like a rabbid dog. It ain't pretty. Foam's running from my mouth. Is that normal?

And oh yeah....

Happy April Fool's Day! ;)

(As an aside, the dog is real and he did pass away a few months back. Name was Sam. Though I highly doubt my blog would attract the attention of the owners, my condolences nonetheless.)

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