Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some upcoming news...

Well things are really starting to get a little crazy. That whirlwind that happens right before a pub house opens, or your house goes up for sale. That sorta deal. Same difference.

This is big big big. Lots of stuff going on at the last minute to hopefully ensure that cobblestone press will make a giant BANG in the world of epubs! :D Trust me, that's not a bad thing. I'm loving this, and truthfully it's a little exciting and different. I've never been involved with a pub house right before it opens that actually goes out there and PROMOTES the hell out of themselves. I've been pubbed with 4 different houses, one that was brand spanking new...and unfortunately is now defunct. So why in the world did I decide to sign up with another new one? Because there are GINORMOUS differences between them and what cobblestone has done.

Pub A, depended on the authors only to promote. They never sent out our books to review sites, that was completly dependent on us, they never had author/editor chat nights. Nothing. It was basically open it's doors and that was it. We were lucky if they put out one book a month. It was usually one book every 3 months.

Cobblestone on the other hand has 6 opening authors, and a supply of new releases to last us into the next 3 with new works being submitted each day.

Not only that but they've opened ad slots for us. The reviews of ALL the books have gotten nothing less than 4's! That's a big freakin' deal people! They are putting out good quality work and I'm just so proud of being a part of this house.

Now my news, I'm going to be involved with what feels like a million chats in the next few days:

Thursday (TOMORROW) all day chat at The Pink Posse. And that's more of an email chat. If you've never heard of them it's like emailing with questions as opposed to being in a chat room.

Friday again, at Joyfully Reviewed. This is gonna be everyone, but I will definitely be there.

June 10th, chat at Romance Divas for the opening 6 authors and the editors of cobblestone. So if you're a writer especially, that's a chat to consider. Getting the chance to talk to some editors and ask questions that you've been wondering about.

I have so many others, but I can hardly keep track of them all myself. But I'll inform you when they come time. Also...



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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Check it out...

One of my favorite authors has a new novel coming out. Beautiful cover, eh? Read the details below. The blurbs even better than that nauhty little cover. ;) LOL

Check it out.

Enslave Me Sweetly by Gena Showalter

She has the heart of a killer, and the body of an angel. . .

Eden Black walks among humans, protecting them from the murderous evil of other-worlders who abduct and enslave. And though she appears to be human herself, Eden is an alien, a Raka, distinguished by her golden hair and skin, and gifted with the ominous ability to kill without remorse – and with total accuracy.

That is, until the fateful night she has one shot to eliminate her target, a human slaver – and misses."Failure" is not in Eden's vocabulary. Neither is "partner" – but that's what she is forcibly assigned after recovering from her disastrous mission.

A sexy, steely-nerved human agent, Lucius Adaire enjoys nothing more than sparking the fury – and rousing the desire – of the fiery female assassin to proud to admit defeat. Locked in an assignment they cannot afford to lose, Lucius and Eden find themselves bound in two high-stakes, heart-pounding games: the dangerous web of kill or be killed, and the erotic dance of seduction. . .

Showalter first demonstrated her skill at blending sizzling romance and nail-biting suspense set in a convincing futuristic society in Awaken Me Darkly (2005). She now continues the roller-coaster-like adventure in an equally entertaining tale that will please a wide cross section of readers. *Starred Review* Booklist.

Order your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or BooksAMillion.For more information, visit Gena's website at and her blog at

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Some great news!!! And some not so great news!!

So what's the great news? hehehe...well, my novel Witch Hunt, co-authored with my good friend Leanne Karella, just received a 4 star rating from Romantic Times Magazine! How awesome is that?

And let me just break this down so that you understand the magnitude of this accomplishment. Fallen Angel Reviews is one of the better e-review sites and they average (from what I've been told) about 5000 hits a month. The Romance Studio has a subscription list of about 2k. RT Magazine has a subscription list of about 20k. (I'd read this a few months back, if the stats are inaccurate I apologize.)

Regardless, anyway you dice it the ratio is extreme. Now I have this wonderful review floating out there in real live PRINT..hehehe....saying the book rocks! :D I'm so pleased.

Now the not so good news.

Went and saw X-3 this weekend. The only word I can use to describe it is lazy. YES LAZY! I understand that you're not planning on revisiting the Marvel World. Fine I get that. But to kill off integral characters, turn others human...and expect me to just be okay with that...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! End the series, fine...but damn! did you really have to kill characters that have never died in the comic book series??? Ugh, I'm so mad I'm shaking. Yeah, I'm a big comic book geek. And my friend warned me, don't go in there expecting things to be the way they are in the fine, I was expecting certain plot line twists...but to take the lazy way out and just kill off half the cast and turn others human...BLAH! I could have written it better.

Mad, mad, mad.

If you know nothing of the X-Men world you might actually like it. I can grudgingly say that there were certain things that did make me clap and cheer. Hugh Jackman is just friggin' hot! Wolverine never looked sexier, and for that I have to say, Thank You, HUGH, you've given me years worth of enjoyment. Gwrar!! ;) LOL. Halle Berry was a rockin' Storm, and Kelsy Grammer as Beast was Fantastic!!! He really nailed it. Whoda' thought? LOL. Perfect for the roll. The special effects were better than ever, but I'm sorry to say I'm just one of those lame-o hardcore fans who didn't much appreciate how they butchered those characters I know and love.

Otherwise, I had a great Memorial Day Weekend! LOL. How 'bout you? What'd you guys do?


Oh and stay tuned, in the coming days I'll be posting chat information and contest promo for my newest release, Fire and Ice, being dropped on the 2nd of June from Cobblestone-Press. :D

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Well it's that time again...

Promotion time!

That dreaded P word all writers have a serious love/hate relationship with. Don't promote, and your book won't get out there. But then you hear all these authors say, promotions really don't do much to up the sale of your book.

I dunno..the jury's out on that one. Seriously, I've been promoting my arse off where Witch Hunt's concerned. My sales have been way better with this book than with any other. Now if you're a naysayer than you could just attribute the better sales to publishing with a more established publishing house. NCP. It's been in the biz 10 years. They have a comfortable little following. So yeah, maybe that's it...or maybe these damn promotions are really working.

Who can say.

I know one thing however, I did get 1 reader to buy the book straight from an author chat I held. At least 1 that I know of. There could certainly have been more, but all in all. 1 is more than none, right?

To me promotions aren't something you can just expect to do in the short term and see a tremendous jump in sales with. No. You're either in it for the long haul, or buddy, you better not even bother.

Right now, Witch Hunt has been out with NCP over 2 months I believe. Leanne and I have hit that crucial point where our book is no longer on the home page. Now people actually have to go searching to find the darn thing. That's when the promotions start to pay off. I go to author chats, drop the name of my most current, or soon to be release, and then quickly plug Witch Hunt. Well if that one sounds good to you, then maybe this one will too.

Who would'a thunk that being a writer also meant you had to hone your salesmen skills? But that's exactly what you're doing. You're a product. At least your books are. And until you become Nora Roberts, or my favorite, Laurell K., then you're gonna have to keep promoting it like a streetwalker on a Saturday Night. (thanks Silma. I just thought that analogy was too perfect to pass up!)

The question is, are there things that work better than others? I didn't go to the RT convention this year in Daytona. Actually, I've never been to one, but that's besides the point. I digress.

I saw this picture of Shana Swendson. (And forgive me if I got the name wrong...I don't read her, but I do know of her) Anyhow, she has this series, Enchanted Inc. On the cover is this fairy, dressed in a knee length black cocktail dress, small little fairy wings on her back, and screw-me red stillettos on her feet.

The RT convention just happened to hold a fairy ball this year and the participants got to dress up in whatever costumes they pleased, as long as they had a fairy theme. Anyhow, she dressed up exactly as her heroine. Right down to those gorgeous, cherry red 5 inch heels. Perfect!

She was a walking advertisement for her book. Creative and fun. The gimmick was enough to earn her some quick sales on her books and I mean, fantastic!

Now, I'd need a cover before I could do anything like that..but still, it's the little things that really pay off.

So, now it's my turn. My novella Fire and Ice drops in 6 days! Eeek. A part of me doesn't feel ready, but another part knows I've already been promoting this sucker for weeks now. Partly because it's coming out through a new epress, so along with promoting my book I'm also promoting the Grand Opening of Cobble Stone Press. That's big news.

With Witch Hunt, our heroine was into some really unique, times odd jewlerey. She was just a free spirit. So some of the prizes was giving away jewlerey that she'd wear. With Fire and heroine is Princess of Frost, of Ice. Of all things shimmering, and blue.

I'll likely do another jewlerey gimmick, but I'll keep it themed. Frost blue necklace. Or if I'm lucky, maybe I could find a necklace with an icicle pendant. And don't laugh, I have seen them and they are absolutely gorgeous. The pendant is made of crystal and is just beautiful. Another thing I could do, is create a gift basket filled with things like coccoa, mugs, soft hero is I could also have a basket with things like...oh jeez, I don't know...10 different flavors of the hottest hot sauce. Etc. Silly, but seriously. You wouldn't believe how quickly themed stuff just takes off. People love it.

Anyhow, I'm trying to think of some cool ideas. Anyone have any for me? Hypothetically let's say you won one of my gift baskets, what would you like to see inside them?

Happy Promotions to you all. And FYI...Fire and Ice drops June 2nd from !

Thanks for hearing me ramble,

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This quiz is freaky scary...but fun!

Okay, for those of you who've seen this before it's probably pretty obvious. But I'll just say this, I nearly leaped from my chair when I finally saw him.

And once you do, it's soooooo obvious. LOL

Anyway, you guys tell me how long it took you to get it. It took me 2 seconds, but then again I had a more enlarged version, so I probably cheated. But that little bitty screen shot wasn't doing it for me. Good luck, ya'll. Tell me how long it took you! :)

Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, your right half of your brain is better developed than most people.

If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, your right half of the brain is developed normally.

If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein.

If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of these type of exercises to make that part of the brain stronger!!!

And, yes, the man is really there!!!
Okay, start....

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Here he is, the man in beans!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What do you do when your favorite author jumps ship???

Well, maybe not jump ship literally. More like switching to a different genre. How do you take it?

Let me give you an example. Most of you know I'm a paranormal junkie. I make no bones about it, and that's the genre I'll likely love the most 'til the day I die. BUT...

Like most readers of romance I started out filching books from my grandmother's book chest and she's definitely an HQN/Historical woman only. So I was all about those Scottish Lairds and Rebel Vikings with hearts of gold. Being that I was a hardcore historical reader at the time one of my favorite authors was Kinley McGregor. Loved her! Loved Born in Sin. Loved her style. Just flat out loved it.

So imagine my surprise when I suddenly find out she's writing a second set of books with a completely different penname. I go to the store, look her up and then I almost have a heart attack. What is this vampire stuff? Werewolves? OMG!!! Vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters oh my...

Those were always some of my favorite movies. I loved the Anne Rice books, though I never thought of them as romance. But here now is a perfect melding of both things I love the most. Romance and paranormal. So cool!

So in this instance, I loved it.

However...that is not always the case. I love Mercedes Lackey. And for those of you in the know she's a hardcore fantasy/sci-fi author. She's not what you could really call a romance author. Sure she's got the couple in her books, sometimes a chaste kiss here or there. But it doesn't get much more steamy than that. Although I've not read all her books and the woman is lucrative.

At least the books I've read were never what you could call romance by any stretch of the imagination. Which is fine by me. When I'm in the mood for a fantasy or sci-fi I rarely stray farther than Mercedes, Anne Mc., Piers...etc..

Point is, when you grab a book by one of the authors you've come to expect a certain style of writing and work and it's awesome. But then they go and try something different and more power to them, I'm a firm believer that you should never box yourself in, however, some are definitely better at it than others. Piers Anthony created a 2 books erotica series. Pornucopia anybody? LOL....thing is, it worked. It was written within the bounds of the genre and it flat out worked. No it wasn't as much romance as I'd have liked, but it worked.

However the same can not be said for Mercedes foray into romance. And let me just say, the books ROCKED!! Don't know if you know that she also writes for Luna, a HQN imprint. It's supposed to be 50/50 fantasy-romance. Thing is, it still felt like mostly fantasy to me. I just didn't get the romance I wanted and because of that I felt disgruntled, unsatisfied and I had to quickly go get my fix some other way.

That's just one example. How do you guys personally feel about it? It is good or bad? And do you do it yourselves?


And oh yeah, boo hoo hoo..SPURS LOST! Darn you Mavs. :'(




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Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's all the little things...

Sometimes you just don't know what to blog about, but you find that you want to anyway. LOL. Or is that just me? Probably, I'm pretty goofy that way. :D

So I figured that because I don't have one big set thing to cover, I'd just let you know about all the little things going on with me. One, I have a new book coming out, well...novella actually, I mean it is only 44 pgs, lol..hardly book length. But still. It's Fire and Ice, which means a second thing doesn't it??? COBBLESTONE PRESS is getting ready to launch! Yay, us.

Yeah, you like how I take credit for that company Sable and Deanna sweat blood and tears over. Hehehehe...still I'm an author on their rooster so until they tell me otherwise I'll continue to take credit and say us. :p

I'm so excited about Cobblestone, the reviews not only on the books, but on the company have been exciting. I'm not just saying this because they're my publishing house, but because I've known Sable for a long time and learning who and what Deanna is to the company, those two women are dedicated and determined. The marketing plan they've got going is amazing. They want to be big and I don't doubt that with the kind of enthusiasm they express in all their dealings that they'll be around for a good long while.

Lots of author chats coming up here soon for Cobblestone. If you guys haven't yet seen it, go check out The covers are beautiful, the blurbs fun and all the writers so personable. ;)

In other news, I'm so excited how things are progressing for Leanne and my book, Witch Hunt. We're still getting great reviews, AND not just that, but we're rated #21 out of a potential 25 highest rated books at Fictionwise. How exciting! Yeah, we've been marketing the heck out of the book and I'm beginning to see how that really does payoff. Is it terrible of me to admit I've never made the lists on Fictionwise before? to skip 22-25 completely and land ourselves at 21 makes me hopeful that we could eventually break into the top 10. How nice would that be?

And finally...


And now that I've regained my composure...*vbg* have a wonderful weekend ya'll. :)

Much love,

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Friday, May 19, 2006

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong...

And this time, it's such a relief! So I talked to my agent this morning. She was utterly unflappable about how much she loves my book, thinks it will sell and for me not to start trying to rearrange and rewrite the thing.

Thing is, and I agree (don't know why I wasn't smart enough to think of this on my own) it's a case of too many cooks stirring the pot. (and let's overlook the poorly written phrase there, I should warn you all now, I'm terrible when it comes to english phrases, and being that english is not my first language, ya'll can just forgive me *grin*)

If I went in there now and tried to incorporate all the things that each editor said was wrong with it, I'd wind up creating a lackluster piece of fiction that's lost all soul. Jessica used to be a Berkley editor, and she said that the biggest part of selling a ms is luck. Yes, skill has a lot to do with it, but luck is the biggest factor. It sounds corny, trite, whatever, but editors are people too. And somedays they're just not having good days. I could do everything right, but there already pissy about the fax machine spitting out ink, dog barking all night long and keeping them awake, that big fight with hubby/wife etc...and woe to any author whose book gets on their desk that day. That's just the way it is.

Which brings to mind a story a published friend of mine told me about. She'd sent her book out to several people, all of them rejected it, everyone single one of those 7 or 8 editors. Then about 6 months later she switched agents, sent the very same ms out again to many of the very same editors and wound up having a bidding war over it. So it really is subjective and I need to stop taking this so personally.

I can't begin to describe how relieved I feel. I was willing to do anything, rewrite the entire damn thing if that's what it took to get me that sale, but as far as Jessica is concerned that's probably not in my best interest right now. I had no idea, but my book is still making the rounds out there with quite a few other editors and there's still hope. The one thing she did give me advice on though is to keep in mind what all the rejections have said as I work to complete my sequel.

She feels that even if the first book doesn't sell, the second very easily could. The third, fourth, whatever. But that once I do finally make that sale (and she's of the mind that I absolutely will someday) that then we can go back to the first book and make whatever necessary changes it requires, if and when the time comes.


So there you have it. Basically I just have to move on. There's nothing more I can do for this first book. It's done. For better or worse, it's out there, it's been read and it's done. Now I just have to finish my second one and who knows, maybe that will be the one that makes it. Or, (and let me dream a little here) maybe IT WILL be this one. I just can't know for certain right now and making myself sick over all these rejections isn't helping my sequel any.

So there you have it guys. I'm done with Death 1. I won't talk about it anymore, I'm moving on. But thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement.

From now on you'll only get to hear me whine and moan about Death and the Crimson Night. LOL...vamps, boogie men, and serial killers galore. Hehehehe...


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What makes a book, a good book?

That's the ultimate question isn't it? I mean wouldn't life be so much easier as a writer if we just knew that. Right?

Thing is, what makes a good book to one person doesn't necessarily make a good book to another person. So in the end this is a totally subjective field and we just have to hope that someone gets us.

Take for instance my favorite show on T.V., Grey's Anatomy. The finale was an explosive mix of death, love, hard lessons, and betrayal. Some people loved it. Ate it all up. Others, like me, felt let down and miserable. This has been one of the best shows bar none on television. It's witty, it's smart, sharp, and sweet. It's real life and it's wonderful. Gritty drama at it's best. And as much as I loved it, I found myself hating it equally as much. Will I stick around for next season, absolutely. But is my devotion to the drama waning? Oh yeah.

And to me, that's what books are. You'll find this author who for years is fabulous. You don't even read the blurbs anymore, all you need is to see the embossed lettering on the jacket and boom, into your shopping cart it goes and you just know you'll love it. But what happens when the day comes that suddenly you're not loving it so much anymore?

Now I'm certainly not comparing myself to that wonderful show, or even a fabulous author, but in a way I find some similiarties between myself and those analogies. I wrote this book that I just loved. Felt in my bones had a ton of potential and now I'm to the point that I'm hating my book. The negative responses to the book has aggravated my condition for sure.

I've been wracking my brain lately. Why isn't my book selling. Why am I receiving soooo many rejections? I think when I took a step back and looked at my rejections in a positive light instead of in that depressing "oh man, rejected again", angle I realized something. They're all saying the same thing.

True, likes and dislikes are totally subjective, but when several professionals are all saying that the idea rocks but that the execution didn't so much, well then I think that's my answer. And I'm excited!

(Silly I know...)

But! now I know where to fix this. Or at least give it my damndest effort. Thing is, I wrote this book about year ago. With the exception of some edits I'd made recently the rest was written a bit ago and maybe that's the problem. Maybe I've grown as a writer A LOT since then. Maybe, my idea has merit and maybe just maybe, if I can smooth out and polish the narrative and voice of the piece, then maybe some of those editors might just see the world I see. Come to know and love these guys the way I do. Ya know?

Still, that's a daunting task. I find that I work better starting a book from scratch then I do trying to edit something. But I've been away from Death long enough that hopefully I can see it through new eyes and spot what these other editors are spotting. So let's hope, because as far as Death goes, I feel like it's on it's last leg, something has gotta give and I think that something is me.

Friday my agent and I have a phone call session planned, it's go time. I'm serious about this book, this world, and this series. I'm not too proud to admit that maybe I could have done it better, to me the worst thing would be to sit back on this thing and say "oh well"... I'm a fighter, always have been. I want a chance to prove my worth.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm going to go into hibernation for a few weeks, hopefully when I resurface my luck will have changed.


(Sorry for the rambling post, trying to write this while my husband trys to snag my attention the entire time makes it hard to

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Hey all you ladies and gents out there. This weekend is mother's day. I hope you all remember your mothers..or if you are one that you'll have a wonderful day.

I'm so excited. My "son" (and I put his name in quotation marks because he's only 3, so you can tell who's really the mastermind behind this has decided that he's going to take me to a Spurs playoff game, out to eat at the Melting Pot (this fantastic fondue restaurant, the chocolate is to die for ;) ) and then to go buy me a Manu Ginobli jersey. Yeah, I'm really sure my son came up with that plan, right? LOL...but actually it's adorable that my hubby put so much thought into it. And heck, I do love going to live sports events. So....*shrug* that's me.

For my mother I plan to get her a flower arrangement. It seems so impersonal, but considering we live thousands of miles apart, and I forgot to send my care package *oops..hehhehe*, then flowers it's gonna have to be. LOL...

What plans do you guys have?


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Thursday, May 11, 2006


First off let me say thanks to everyone who left me a message on my prior entry. I'm finally starting to feel much much better. None too soon, it's HOT here in Texas and I'm going to the pool today. My boy bought himself some pool shoes, a spiderman boogie board, and a finding nemo swim toy. LOL...he looks halarious with his little googles, inflatable muscles, and shoes.

We love pool time. Summer is the best, the scents, the warmth, the smell of chlorine. Seriously, if I smell chlorine or sunscreen that's summer to me. That's what I associate with fun. Weird I know. I took a quiz several years ago...what did people think of when they think of summer. For some it was a fresh cut lawn, for others BBQ, for me...the pool.

And I said that to say this...Summer is an intoxicant for me. I love it. I find it soooo hard to stay in the house. To focus, or concentrate on anything but tanning, swimming...and one of the things to suffer has been my writing.

I haven't written almost anything and it's going on three weeks now. I'm getting nervous about it, but my desire to actually sit down and do something is not happening. I can't concentrate. I just stare at the screen and sigh. I've got all these great stories coming to me. One especially that I have a really good feeling about. Unfortunately I've only been able to write a 3 pg opener for it and nothing more. I have a novella that's about 3/4 completed and I need to get it done.

This is so frustrating. Does anybody else ever suffer from this lacsadasical lethargy? Ugh...and if you do, how do you overcome it? Usually I suffer a form of lazyitus after finishing a novel, but seriously...3 weeks. That's a little long even for me.

Need some tips on how to get back on that bandwagon.


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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jeez, have I really been away from you guys this long???

Amazing! Sorry guys. Life's been hectic, crazy...and driving me nuts. LOL.

I've got a nasty flu like thing, I just can't shake. Finally decided, I'm going to the docs. Come hell or high water, I can't keep procrastinating because it's summer time and I'm tired of being sick. LOL..*cough cough*

So I was out of town this week. Went to Mexico. Acuna to be exact. Sooo much fun. The shopping is incredible there, and though I sniffled my whole way through the stores and plaza's, you all would have been proud of me. I did not let my sick spirit daunt the shopaholic within. ;)

I saw these incredible leather jackets for 35 dollars. Real leather! I'm sorry but that's a bargain any way you slice it. hehehe..of course I had to get one. *vbg* I tell you, going to Mexico is like walking through a time warp. It's so incredibly different. The border is just this invisible line, but seriously you KNOW when you've stepped through it. It's like walking through the twilight zone. Suddenly all the streets are cobbled, the homes are these bright pink, yellow, blue colors. People are screaming to you in Spanish (thank God I speak it, otherwise it would have been way too overwhelming.) But truly, a wonderful city. People are so kind, just can't praise it enough.

When I got home late last night, I also had one other small bit of exciting news waiting for me. I can't say who yet, because there's a good possibility it might not happen for me and it's gonna take a couple more weeks yet before I find out definitively one way or another (like the build up I have going but I found out death has made it past the first round of editors at a prestigious NY pub and that the inital editor loved it. Now it's going on to the senior editor. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll have even better news to share soon.

So that's it for me, catching you all up. I can't believe I didn't write an entry for 9 days. That lets you know right there what kind of week it's really been. LOL.


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Monday, May 01, 2006

Saying hi

I'm feeling really under the weather. Those of you who know me, know I've been a bit absent from pretty much everything.

Sorry guys, *sniff sniff*...hopefully I'll be feeling more myself this week. Blah..I hate summer colds.

Anyhow, have nothing really to write about, no news about anything at the moment...just wanted to say, hi..I'm still alive. LOL.

Now I think I'm gonna go make me some peppermint tea, hopefully that'll help settle my upset tummy.


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