Friday, June 30, 2006

Le Sigh...

Le he not just yummy looking? Seriously. *vbg*

So let's turn this thread away from the gruesome and towards something a lot more palatable.

Went and saw Superman last night. OMG guys and gals. That movie flat out rocks. The love story between Lois and Superman is so...sigh.

The action sequences are pulse racing, the special effects some of the best I've seen in a long time. This movie has easily gone into the top 3 of my most favorite movies ever. That's saying a lot. I don't usually walk away with these feelings of I want to go back and watch watch watch type feelings when I finish watching a movie. Usually one time is all I need and then I'm good. But this one. Oh man, you can bet I'll be going one more time at least while it's in theaters and then will probably be the first in line to buy it on DVD. LOL.

Brandon Routh..was it there to say about him. A viritual unknown who had to follow, of all people, Christopher Reeves as the new man in tights. He didn't do a great job, he did a FANTATIC job! If you close your eyes I swear you'd think it was Chris talking back to you..he's got the good ol' corn fed looks, probably helps that he is a native Iowa-n. This big, beautiful body...oh man. And those blue eyes they give him in the Trust me, y'all. Go see it. You won't regret it. Girls and guys can enjoy this. Guys for the non stop action, girls just to watch that gorgeous man strut around in his tights. Mmmmm...hehehehe.

One of the best movies hands down. ;)

~~Viv K.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

YOU WHAT?!?!?!

Okay, writing erotica can sometimes take you into a whole new world of the unusual. I like to give my character's depth and not make them "me". Many of them do and say stuff that I don't do in real life. IE: BDSM. I'm into a little pain play, scratching, biting..etc. But I'm by no means a hardcore bondage type girl.

Still to be a good writer I think you need to think broad. You need to recognize that not everyone likes vanilla (I don't)..but sometimes they want a nice meld of the two. Sweet and spicy. That makes your character more true to life, adds depth and makes them unique.

So often times I'll go exploring on the internet for strange or unusual sexual fetish's. I never want to use any too over the top, as we all know some can get rather distasteful at best.

I really thought I couldn't be shocked by anything anymore. Boy was I wrong...


The guru of apotemnophilia, if there is one, is John Money, an expert in sexuality and professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins University. In 1977, he coined the word and defined the disorder as a kind of extreme sexual fetish. Apotemnophilia victims, he wrote, want to cut off their limbs so they can have better sex.

Bruno, who studies the amputation-obsessed community's coming-out in the age of the Internet, said three groups have developed. The "devotees" love amputees, and some are so obsessed that they'll stalk disabled women in shopping malls. The "wannabes" hope to become amputees and the "pretenders" use wheelchairs and crutches to feign disability.

I didn't put this here to make anyone laugh. It actually got me thinking. I mean how miserable a life would this be? The article went on to say that when people couldn't get their dream fulfilled of becoming an amputee they resort to extreme acts of violence to try and get a healthy limb taken off. IE: sitting with their legs on a track waiting for a train to pass by, cutting it off themselves.

This one just came as a big shock to me. And truthfully the whole thing makes me sad. How miserable to have to live your life thinking that an amputated limb is the key to happiness.

For you there a limit to what you think is sane and safe? How much is too much and when does a fetish go way over the line? For me, it doesn't get much worse than this. BDSM, while not my bag, is a perfectly comfortable act of love between two consenting adults. This however goes above and beyond what I'm comfortable with. I never thought I'd actually find my limit always figuring if you're a sane and able bodied person then it's your life, your body, your choice. How do you guys feel about it and in your own writing, what are the limits you're willing to go to?

Much love,
~~Viv K.

If you want to read the entire article here it is:

It's a pretty fascinating read from a medical perspective. But then again, I'm studying to become a nurse. *shrug* I dig these sorts of reads.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

What's your fantasy?

So today is just for fun. It's Monday, I'm bored, nothing really cool happening on my I just want to hear what's going on with you guys. *bg*

Here's my question...if you had just one, ONE, wish..what would you choose? And no "I'd want to lose twenty pounds, live on an isolated island with a hot guy who utterly adores me and feeds me grapes all day" type wishes.

No continuation wishes. Just one. And go ahead and be as completely selfish as you want to be.

That type of wish is hard, even for me. I realize thinking about this question that humans, (or at least this one) is a lot more greedy than what I like to think I am. LOL. I'm not content with just one. I think ohhhh...I've got one...can I wish for more wishes? LOL..ugh, no. So if you had it to do, what would you choose? Would it be to become a prolific best selling author? (Okay, that's sorta two wishes, but I'll let that Would it be to just have gads of money? Be the most beautiful woman in the world?

I'm just really curious to see what makes you all tick. This question is more like research actually because it's a very loose idea I have for a new book. So spill...what does it for you guys?

~~Viv K.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

And the winner is...

Man did time fly or what? Already 10 days later, I cannot believe it. So I guess it's that time, right?

First off I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that entered and signed up for the LLOO newsletter. I had a much better turnout for my contest than anticipated, makes me sad that not everyone could win something, but I regularly hold contests, so keep in just never know. ;)

Without further ado...


Cathie M.

Thanks again to everyone who signed up. And just to let you all know, I'll be running another contest soon for the print release of my novel Witch Hunt. So keep checking back for details!

Much love,

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today's it...

Last chance to throw your name in the pot for the fire and ice themed gift basket. Quick overview of what you have to do and what you might win!

~16 oz. Therapy liquid mineral bath. (reduces ache and pains, sleep soundly, breath easier)

~30 oz. White tea and jasmine bath salts

~4 votive size pomegranate scented candles

~4 crackle glass votive candle holders

~1.85 oz. Healing garden sensual therapy passion rose lotion

~1.85 oz. Healing garden relax therapy white tea lotion

~1 gift card with a great big thank you. ;)

What do you have to do to win all this?

Go to my website, read the excerpt from Fire and Ice and answer this question:

Lumina walks into the garden. What adornment is she wearing? (Send your answers to


Sign up for my newsletter:

And finally, post a hello on my blog and mention that you're throwing your name in the hat for the gift basket.

And to be fair, only those who actually follow all the steps will have their name thrown into the hat for the drawing. Tomorrow I'll annouce the winner on my blog. I'll also email the winner individually, and just in case both methods of communication let me down the newsletter released in July will have the winner's name in it.

Much love,
~~Vivienne King

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

My dirty little secret...

Okay y'all, I'm about to share something that most writers never want to say happens, much less admits to.


Or in writers terms, creative jealousy. :( It sucks and I have to say I get pretty ashamed of myself when I feel that twinge of the big green monster. Sigh... I debated with myself all morning whether or not to write this, but decided rather than keep distancing myself from this subject and pretending I don't suffer it, I'd admit to it and hopefully find that with time that beast will lessen its grip on me.

You see, it's not that I'm this monster who hates to hear about anyone doing well. No, that's not it at all. It's more the feeling that you see everyone around you doing so well and you still feel like your treading mud. It's a vain uphill battle because when you stop to look at things you see "jeez, I haven't even begun to climb that hill."

I think the problem, and why most writers don't want to admit to it is because they're afraid of someone telling them how selfish they are, how they can't see all the wonderful things happening around them, and that "man, if I was in your position I wouldn't be whining anymore."

There you go, we don't want to come off as whiners. I'm happy. I'm advancing in my career. It's mostly a slow, painful crawl to the finish line, but I am making progress. In almost 5 years time I'm finally seeing one of my books go to print and wind up in bookstore shelves. I have a wonderful agent. I've been blessed not to have to even entertain the possibility of having to fire her to look for another. I can say in all honesty it's not Jessica's fault my book hasn't sold. My ideas just aren't meshing with NY obviously. While that sucks for me as a writer, I understand it. The flaw is not with my agent. The flaw is that I've written something not really seen in the market yet. A hybrid gothic-fantasy-urban-paranormal ms. No one knows how to market it..makes my options limited.

Now before you all think I'm begging for a pat on the back and a (((hug))), just know that I'm not. It's just that I recognize this ugliness inside of me. If I'm thinking rationally I can see I'm really going places. Maybe not as fast as I would have liked, maybe my books will never be sold to the highest bidder, but I can see where I am definitely making progress, but its my emotions that usually wind up getting the best of me.

I won't mention anyone in specific, but you always hear of these cases where people nab an agent and sell to Berkley for a 4 book deal right off the bat. When things like that happen to someone else and not to you, I know my first reaction is...well jeez, what do they have that I don't? What am I doing wrong? Does my writing stink that bad?

Then the hurt starts to slide in. You're happy for them, but it's almost painful to hear about that new sale, that 7 book deal, see that beautiful glossy cover. I think I've finally figured out that all these feelings stem from an insecurity on my part. A feeling of inadequacy and thinking, if they got sold that fast and I haven't, then I have no chance in hell of ever getting there and that's when your thoughts inevitably turn toward "maybe I should just stop. writing is fun, but the rat race isn't. I'm tired of this whiny me that always drives everyone crazy by constantly yapping on and on about feeling awful, terrible, I'll never cut the mustard, etc.."

So right here and now I'm going to brave, I'm gonna stand up to all of you and say: Hi my name is Vivienne and that's my dirty little secret.

But you want to hear something really cool, talking about is freeing. Admitting there's a problem is the first step right? I've got a monkey on my back, I recognize that, but I also know that I'm willing to do anything to shake it off.

Anyway this was just an observation. I'm not feeling this way about anyone in particular at the moment, but it is something I've always wanted to talk about. And to tell people, it's okay to feel like this. It really is. It's what makes us human, and as long as we don't become cruel or malacious about it to the person who's doing well, well then there's hope for us yet. *vbg*

So now I'm waiting here expecting the rotten tomatoes to be flung.

Just to remind everyone 4 more days until my contest for the Fire and Ice themed gift set to end. :D

Much love,
~~Viv K.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finding the time to write

Some days are harder than others. Aren't they? I mean I come off this long weekend (and I try not to write on weekends so I can spend time with the family) But getting back into the groove of things can be a bit daunting.

This is how I often try to combat it.

One, just make myself sit down and write. *not good*

That often results in me writing nothing but drivel. I'm not inspired and you can clearly tell. I tend to write on a tanget, or I'm lucky to get 250 words done.

Two, I fret, make myself sick over it. Then I get mad because I haven't really written and wind up eeking out 5 ho hum pages. Good, but they'll need extensive revisions.


Three, I get smart and plot things out over the weekend. I set myself up for the next scene, enough to get me 10 good pages worth. That usually works the best, I still don't want to write, but it gets me out of the meandering stage. And once I sit down the words come and suddenly my apathetic feelings toward my ms disappear and I can't seem to stop.

Those are exciting days. Rare, but great. The ones where you write like a fiend, you "see" the images in your head, you connect to your characters, and you pound out a good 20 pgs worth. Sigh...I live for those days.

So let's hope that I can do so yet again tonight. And for inspiration I've posted a pic of one of my many hunks!

(my hubby)

Much love,

Oh and the missing girl, Staci, has been found alive and healthy! Yay! She's going home this weekend. :D

And remember, 5 more days for my Fire and Ice themed contest gift basket. See below for details!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm speechless

I'm in print. August 11th, my co-authored novel Witch Hunt will be in bookstores nationwide. OMG! (Blogger is acting funny so this will be all in one paragraph, but) I'm in shock. I know there's words to be said, all I can say is I'm finally gonna be on bookstore shelves. You'll walk into Borders and see me there. WOW

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Listen up everybody because this is really important

This is no hoax, only wish it was so. But Marjorie Jones' daughter is missing. Marjorie is a great writer, a good mentor, and this is a mother's worst nightmare.

If you want to know all the news you can check out Marjorie's daily updates. This is just so sad.

From what little I know Staci is probably en route from Utah to Texas. There is a chance she's traveling in a Black pick up truck with tinted windows and the name "Jaqueline", or some variated spelling, in the black window.

Please if you've seen her, contact Marjorie.


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Trying to see things from a new perspective

So in order to keep my mind creative (because let's face it, it's a muscle like anything else and the less you use it the more flabby it becomes) I often do excerices to think "outside the box".

For instance, I'll look at a picture that seems pretty straightforward and try to come up with a new spin on it. Something that you might totally miss the first time around but the more you look, the more you realize it's possible.

Okay for instance, take the pic I posted on top.

Looks like a woman crying doesn't it? Sitting there lonely on the rock, maybe watching the water and remembering her lover who was tragically killed...whatever.

Now, here's what I'm talking about "thinking outside the box". We can't see the rest of the picture. What if there was more? What if what we don't see changes around the entire mood of the piece?

Do you notice the bright red fabric wrapped around her body? That suggests to me passion, loveliness, all things feminine and beautiful. Beneath the fabric you can tell she's nude. So maybe she's not crying over a lost lover at all. Maybe what we don't see is her lover in the background preening and acting like the lovesick fool he is. He's tried to chase down a rabbit, show her how manly and wonderful he is. And maybe what we're actually seeing in this picture is her hiding her face in laughter.

Can you see it?

So when someone asks me where do you get your ideas from, that's it. I look at something benign, pretty straightforward and think but maybe it doesn't mean that at all. Maybe what we think we see isn't what's really there.

Look at the famous Mona Lisa. She looks happy enough. That small little smile on her face. But to me that picture has always looked like a woman who's hiding a secret. Something mabye even a little naughty. Something that says "I'll never tell..."

Try it sometime, see what you can come up with. It's a lot of fun once you start doing it.

Remember, I'm still holding my bath goodies giveaway. 7 more days to throw your name in the hat.

Go to my website, read the excerpt from Fire and Ice and answer this question:

Lumina walks into the garden. What adornment is she wearing?

Sign up for my newsletter:

And finally, post a hello on my blog and mention that you're throwing your name in the hat for the gift basket. This contest will run until the 25th.

Much love,


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh la la...

I'm writing this one with a smile on my face. LOL. Have you guys ever had one of those dreams?

You know...those dreams. *wink* The kind that wake you up feeling all hot and bothered and decidedly wicked?

If not, then you might not know what I'm talking about. Dreams are such weird things. Sometimes I wake up remembering nothing. Other times I wake up so inspired I can suddenly see a scene clearly in my mind where otherwise it was muddy shades of grey.

So I'm in that half dream phase. I'm awake, but still in a light doze. And I have this dream of me in this X-men(esque) type society. (Please don't ask..I'm such a geekazoid when it comes to the X Cyclops..mmmmm, especially that nummy man from the movies. Even more Mmm.)

This building is about to collapse and all my friends are going to die inside. I'm not quite sure if I even have any powers, but my friends around me do and they get down to business, killing the bad guys and freeing the rest of us. Only now our world is in shambles, but we're so exhausted we have to stop and sleep somewhere.

Me and Cyclops have had this thing going for months. This growing attraction and sizzling sexual chemistry. I see him laying down on the bed and he looks to already be asleep, so I walk off. Frustrated, tired, and lonely.

I'm sitting on this stoop, we're seperated by this field of grass and I'm just watching him. He looks so handsome in his sleep. A slight shadow of stubble on his jaw. Those, sharp features relaxed and my heart just sorta dive bombs to my knees.

Then Storm (or the equivalent) sits next to me and we start gabbing about saving the world, etc etc. LOL...all the while I keep darting glances at him. He doesn't have a sheet on, so you can see the strong lines of muscle in his back and I've got butterflies like crazy. I'm antsy and want to go over, but don't want to wake him.

Suddenly I'm alone again, Storm has left and I decide, enough is enough. I get up and walk over to where he's laying. I cover his body with mine and frame his face.

He wakes up, (for some reason this cyclops can look me in the eye and not harm and rolls over with me trapped in his arms. My heart is pounding out of my chest at this point. He's so strong and virile. Perfect. He starts dropping drugging kisses along my neck, and face. Then slides his body down mine...

Ah yes, we had a wonderful night! ;) You know I always considered myself a Wolverine girl, but maybe it's like that old saying goes...Screw the bad boys, marry the good ones. LOL...and now you realize I have absoultely no idea how that phrase is worded, but hell I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyhow, remember everyone I'm still running my shower bath gift basket for another 9 days. I'll continue to paste the intructions in each new post that way it's easy to find.

Go to my website, read the excerpt from Fire and Ice and answer this question:

Lumina walks into the garden. What adornment is she wearing?

Sign up for my newsletter:

And finally, post a hello on my blog and mention that you're throwing your name in the hat for the gift basket. This contest will run until the 25th.

Much love,

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Contest rule information...

So I decided to be fair, I'd post the information required to put your name in the hat for the drawing of my bath set gift basket. Below is the list of items to win. Here are the rules. Have fun!

Go to my website, read the excerpt from Fire and Ice and answer this question:

Lumina walks into the garden. What adornment is she wearing?

Sign up for my newsletter:

And finally, post a hello on my blog and mention that you're throwing your name in the hat for the gift basket. That's it! Have fun. This contest will run until the 25th. So plenty of time. :)

Much love,
~~Vivienne King

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Hello hello hello

It's me again. Come back to enlighten you and make you laugh with my wit, charm, and snappy dialogue.


Someone thinks highly of themselves tonight. Hmm...well, maybe I won't wow you, or even charm you...but by god I can write some snappy dialogue. ;)

So here goes. I'm finally getting ready to hold my first big contest giveaway for my short, hot read "Fire and Ice". I tried to go with a theme. So what is my book about? Check. Fire. Check. Ice. Check. Oh, and did I mention gads of sex? (just checking *vbg*)

What emotions are associated with fire? Sensuality. For some reason I always think of candles. Of being immersed deep in a claw-footed bathtub, white foamy bubble bath up to my chin and the gentle flicker of aromatic candles in the background.

Ice. Cold. A frosty beauty. Something hauntingly beautiful, achingly perfect.

Ohhhh..this sounds nice, doesn't it? So when deciding what to do for my basket I looked at those images of fire and ice and decided on something a little decadent for us ladies.

Picture this if you will...

An exhausting day at the office, home, whatever. Hubby, boyfriend, taking over the run of the house for an hour. What would you do?

Me..I'd go and turn the taps onto hot. Steaming, until the bathroom billows with white smoke. I'd fill the tub to the rim, add a few bath salts, or if I'm feeling exceptionally achy, maybe a liquid mineral bath. The scents of white tea and jasmine float through the air. It's quiet inside. No sound except for marvin gaye crooning to you from the small radio in the corner (I'm sorry, but was there anyone better?). It feels wonderful and the candlelight splashed around the room makes you smile. Crackle glass votive candle holders are set on the counter. Pomegranate scented candles fill the room with their sweet scent. You close your eyes and drift away. But finally the water grows just a little too tepid..time to get out. You step out of the bath tub, dry yourself off and to keep your skin looking moist and healthy, rub in some rose or white tea scented lotion.

You walk out the room, humming softly to yourself and thanking the beautiful, wonderful Vivienne for such a lovely gift. ;)

See...wasn't that fun? :D And if you didn't catch all the items, here's a break down for you.

~16 oz. Therapy liquid mineral bath. (reduces ache and pains, sleep soundly, breath easier)

~30 oz. White tea and jasmine bath salts

~4 votive size pomegranate scented candles

~4 crackle glass votive candle holders

~1.85 oz. Healing garden sensual therapy passion rose lotion

~1.85 oz. Healing garden relax therapy white tea lotion

~1 gift card with a great big thank you. ;)

What do you have to do to win all this?

I'll tell you tomorrow at the ebook love chat myself and the other girls of will be hosting for the entire day. Hope to see many of you there!

By the way, this contest will run for a total of 10 days. Plenty of time to get those names in the hat. I wish I had a picture to show you all, but trust me when I say, I wish I could keep all this stuff for myself.

Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do. *that's such a loaded comment isn't it? lol*

Much love,

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What a day, what a day...

What a long boring day. Is it just me or does summer vacation no longer hold the appeal it used to?

I live in this nice little military community and just happen to have the sweetest spot of prime land on the base. The house right behind the pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, playground, bbq hut.

Sounds lovely doesn't it? That's we thought too when we got the place. Sadly you're more likely to see me foaming at the mouth than anything anymore. I bloody hate our backyard in the summer time.

We've got kids trampling through our lawn to get to the pool. Trash all over our backyards. Empty paper plates stained with remnants of bbq sauce and other things that resemble a conglameration of mustard yellow puke and dingy brown *stuff* Shudder... Our backyard attracts about a million stinkin' ants. It's amazing how many times I've had to call the bug specialists out here to come and kill the piles of mounds. And here in Texas we have this nasty thing called fire ants.

They're about the size of your thumb nail and meaner than the devil. I hate em! All I can hear is squeals and more squeals.

My poor son, he's got these staples in his head so can't go to the pool but hearing the constant splashing and screaming of kids, he looks like little puppy lost over there. I feel terrible for him. I'm trying to take his mind off things, but seriously, mom and fairly odd parents can only take you so far before you get back to that whining stage. Yanno?

Sigh. So I've taken to doing group things outside the house. My boy's at that stage where he really loves being the little helper and cleaning. Even though what he cleans makes things about a million times more dirty than what it was to begin with. But's cute. :)

So yesterday we "helped" hubby mow the lawn. I used the weed eater, for the first, it was pretty halarious. My son directed the traffic and the lawn looks pretty good, but I'm finding it hard to come up with much of anything right now that doesn't put him in direct path of any other little rugrats. I cannot wait until his wound heals and he can rejoin the "clan". I'll breath a sigh of relief. Until then, I think I'll just continue to count the dust motes floating through the air and praying for school to start back up again.

Boy I'm getting old. How scary that those things are starting to bother me. LOL.

~~Viv K. ;)

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Is Fantasy Dead?

That's the ultimate question for a writer like me. I LURVE fantasy. Can't help it. It's what I grew up on. My father was a sci-fi/fantasy junkie. I never really got heavy into sci-fi, with the exception of a few notables...anyone ever read the Killashandra Series or Freedome Landings, or the Ship who Sang, by Anne McCaffrey? Well, those are pretty much the only sci-fi's I've ever loved enough to go to used bookstores for over a span of 5 years to complete the series on each. And I'm telling you now, they are soooooooo worth it.

But I digress. So here's the deal. My cup o' tea was always fantasy. Be it dark, like Anne Bishop's Black Jewel Trilogy, or Light and funny..a la Piers Anthony. That's just the way I'm built. I like escapsim from reality. Being dropped into another world/dimension and becoming immersed in the lay of the land. Discovering new and fantastical creatures I can't find in the real world.

But sadly, not many romance readers are fans. It's a genre that's pretty much flat lined. Not sure that it was ever popular though, so it does give me hope. There's a few like P.C. Cast who's done a fantastic job with creating a fantasy-romance market niche, but her's are a more urban fantasy. And let me correct something here. Paranormal and fantasy are completely opposite. I'm not sure why paranormals set in urban settings are considered urban fantasy. It's an urban paranormal in my opinion. Unless it involves fantasy type creatures...mermaids, centaurs, ogres, gnomes, trolls, elves...that's fantasy. Vamps, shifters, witches, demons..those are for me paranormal.

What's my reasoning..well, they do in fact in exist. No, not the way authors hype them up to be. But everyone's heard of the vamp culture. An underground, almost gothlike modern vamp. As for shifters, well I wouldn't call them shifters exactly. There's actually a medical term for what the dark ages used to call werewolves. Lycanthropy. The symptoms and explainations of the symptoms differ. Some people say it's a mental disease, others actually sprout hair all over their bodies. Witches go without saying. And demons, depending on what religion you are, you either believe in them or don't.

Fantasy creatures are the ones that just don't exist. No matter how much this writer wishes it were so. Look at the picture above. I look at that and see so many possibilities. Not an angel, but a harpy (half man, half bird) hanging onto his lady love a mermaid. Doomed, unrequited love. So romantic.

Most people would probably just see a pretty picture, or not care at all. I wish I understood what readers have against the fan-rom genre as a whole. I wish I could turn them onto this awesome awesome genre, but no matter how much myself and several authors have tried, it just hasn't taken off yet.

Any ideas? What makes you as a buyer look at two books. One features a vampire, another a mermaid and, I'll take the vamp? What seductive hold does that maddening creature have on you that the gorgeous merman does not?

Just wondering... :)

Much love,

~~Viv K.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a crazy day...

So yesterday was going well. I had every intention of being a productive writer, clean my house, and have a hot meal on the table when hubby got home from work.

And then wouldn't you know it, one of those little quirks in life that you can never take into account or plan for, just pops up and all your good intentions go flying out the window. LOL.

So I'm doing laundry and feeling like Lil' Ms Homemaker. My carpets vaccumed, my glass polished and now all that's left is 2 loads of laundry and I'm DONE. Then I hear this chilling scream. The kind that you rarely hear, because it means real REAL pain.

I drop everything and sprint like some world class marathon into the living room and see my son holding his head. I kept asking him what was wrong but couldn't hear a thing over his loud screams and tears. I'm checking his body for injury but don't see anything. I like to keep all the lights off in my house because Texas gets HOT and keeping the house darker tends to keep things cooler. But sometimes my habit bites me in the ass.

I didn't see anything at first. After about ten minutes of rocking him I just figure he'd gotten a little dinged up by running into the wall or some such nonsense. He's done it before, not watching where he's going and then boom. But this time, it felt different. He would alway stop when I picked him up. Few alligator tears and then he was over it.

Last night however it took about 10 minutes to calm him. I kept inspecting his body but didn't see anything. It was when I pulled away that I received my nasty surprise. My shirt was covered in blood. It made me sick. Not from seeing the blood, but the fact that he was, period. And then I finally saw the huge gash on his head.

I stayed calm and cool. You all would have been so proud of me. Inside I was shaking like a sapling in the wind, but you always hear don't show them because it just makes things worse. So very nonchalantly I cart him up, drive to the hospital and wait 8 hours! Yes, 8 flippin' hours. It was absolutely awful. His hair was matted to his head with blood, and head wounds are bleeders anyway, it never stopped seeping the entire time we were there. It looked painful. He said he was okay by that point, but I felt terrible for him.

He was a little trooper though, even when he had to get staples. Just a few little whimpers, but overall the staff was hugely impressed.

So now I'm looking at my 2 piles of laundry and feeling that blasted Burger King we had for dinner. And let's not even talk about my lack of writing productivity last night. Good intentions suck sometimes. LOL.

On another writing related note, today is the big Cobblestone Press chat at Romance Divas. 8 Central 9 Eastern. If you're not a member it's really easy to sign up, then just click on create your username and voila, that simple! I really hope to see some of you there. You'll have a chance to take to both authors and editors. Read fun excerpts and win a few free books!

Much love,
~~Viv K.

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Friday, June 09, 2006


So it's been a couple of days since I blogged last. And quite a bit has happened in that time.

I sold another novella to Cobblestone called Loki's Curse. I'm really excited, especially because it'll be one of the stories released during their Octoberfest campaign. All paranormal for the entire month of Hallow's Eve. *insert scary music here* LOL. And this one is not a fantasy, it's pure para. Involving a vampire with a death curse and the beautiful shapeshifter who's much more than what she seems! ;)

Another thing is that tomorrow evening at 7 pm there will be a big Cobblestone author chat at Romance Divas. Just go to and their chat room should be on their first page. We'd love to see anyone of you all there. Lots of excerpts and even some free books handed out!

And then here's something that just made my toes curl. Hilary Sares over at Kensington rejected my Death book. Only on the basis that it was too dark for their line. BUT..she really liked my voice and has requested to read anything else I might have with my agent. I do in fact have something that Jessica and I think could work, a contemp erotica piece. It was initally a novella, but I think it would be better for the first book I sold to be a full length. So I'm increasing the page count by at least another 150 pgs. I've already done 16 pgs and it's coming along pretty well.

Also, keep your fingers crossed. The jr. editor over at HQN loved Death and is passing it up to their Nocturne line. Sooo...lots of good karma sent my way please. I'm so close and so excited, I can hardly stand it. I was going to keep it a secret, but why. LOL. Even if I don't sell, then at least I got further than I ever expected to and that's a compliment in and of itself!

Oh, and for all you paranormal junkies out there romance divas is hosting a paranormal world building session with 9 of the hottest authors in the genre:

P.C. Cast
Gena Showalter
C.J. Barry
Lynn Veihl
Robin Owens
Kelly Armstrong
Karen Chance
J.R. Ward
Shanna Swendson
Robin Owens


Deidre Knight (in author capacity only! No, agent questions please)

Anyhow, this is a chance to talk LIVE to some of the most talented authors out there. They'll be chatting from the 9th through the 11th. Some are only able to be around 1 of the 3 days, but a few like the brilliant Gena S. has mentioned being able to chat all 3. So please. Go and chat. Even if you don't write paranormals, these ladies are uber talented and can give great tips on writing in general.

Don't forget!!!! Fire and Ice, on sale at Cobblestone Press. :-D Seriously, I think I'm gonna tattoo my title on my butt! LOL. I also put up my banner and cover over at click on TRS Blue. Isn't it perty?? *vbg*

Okay then, that's about it for me now.

Much love,
~~Viv K.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I want to, but I can't...

So I found out some news that could turn out to be really really big for me. Thing is it's gonna require that I hunker down yet again and go under for weeks to get things squared.

Let's just say, it deals with a publisher who's interested in one of my other works. Didn't like Death so much, but read enough to like my style...eek! And no, there's still one house out there actively considering Death, this was not that house.

Because I'm uber superstitious I won't be naming names yet, but if all goes well you'll know soon enough. I'll continue to blog, but just be warned I'll be a trifle absent at times.

And to those of you who already know...NO TELLING! ;) LOL.

But I could seriously use some positive thoughts, pitchers of cyber champagne and a White Chunk Macadamia Nut cookie or two. *grin* This is going to be about a 2 weeks worth hibernation. Wish me luck, you guys!

Much love,

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oh my...sometimes you just have to smile.

It's a good day. My son's back home from his 3 week adventure with his grandparents. Jeez, the little tyke grew so much in the time he was gone. It shocked me. Now I understand why it is that family always seems so surprised at how much bigger he's gotten. Kids really do sprout up like weeds, don't they? LOL.

I've been tackling a new novella, tentatively titled Midnight Whispers...although I know it will change. I'm writing my portion of a Dark Decadent Delight anthology and I got the honor of getting to use Delight as part of my title. Soooo...I'm still thinking on that one. I'm just one of those weird birds who can't write a darn thing unless I've got a title. Even if it's called 'Me so horny'. (Which I would never..but it would definitely make me giggle if I saw that on a bookstore shelf.) Just what romance writers need, another reason for other authors/readers to call our stuff hokey and uneducated. But that's opening up an entirely different can of worms and this post is not about that.

Soooo..why am I smiling? Well you know I've been talking about promoting, promoting, promoting...and that I'd get back to you if my little experiment worked or not,'s most definitely worked!

I'm amazed. I mean we all know that hard work eventually pays off. But I'm just shocked. I've received several fan letters yesterday and today alone. My editor at Cobblestone sent me a link to a yahoo group that's been buzzing about Leanne and my book and my visitor counter on blogger has gone up 22 pts in 1 night. WOW!

Man, I almost wish I had a counter on my website. I feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark where my site is concerned. I'm not sure if it's much of a selling tool, but one gal who wrote me mentioned that it was very lovely. So heck...even if it's just one. :) I'm pleased.

And although Cobblestone is not just about, I still want to brag about it...promotions work! They jumped 22k on the counter since the day of their grand opening. (I believe that's the specific number, if I'm wrong then I apologize for the misinformation.) Either way it was a HUGE number.

So no matter how hard it might seem to you guys...or that you worry it won't actually do anything to help your sales...keep at it. I'm so excited and ready to keep plugging along and pushing forward. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing ad space with RT Mag, going to chats, and doing interviews.

No doubt it's hard, but it works! LOL...I'm especially giddy because these fan letters come from gals I've never met before in my life. Not that family and friends aren't great, but man it really does something to you when you know fans up in Canada are loving your books. Hehehehe...

Also, on the 10th of June Romance Divas will host a cobblestone chat. Very likely that's where I'll have my big gift basket give-away. It'll include bath salts and oils, candles...possibly lotion. Part of my Fire and Ice theme. I'll let you know for certain whether that will be the day, or if I'll have to push it back a few days. But a big contest coming up!

Much love,
~~Viv K.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Running that long tiring race to the finish line. That's what it means to me. And though writing is definitely not an athletic competition (lol) sometimes it feels just as draining.

To me one of the key abilities you must have to be a sucessful writer is perserverence. You have to get back on the horse, no matter how many times it bucks you off, or how sore your ass just gotta tame the beast and get the damn thing done.

Easier said than done. How many of us, even pubbed authors, have started a novel, novella, short story...and not finish it? C'mon...let's be honest..hehe.

Okay, I'll go first. I have. Right now I have about 17 (YES 17) unfinished novels on my hard drive. Some of them more than halfway done and I refuse to delete them because I keep telling myself I WILL GO BACK AND FINISH IT.

4 years later...well, you know the story.'s where my story differs. They're not all just half baked ideas. I have actually finished and published a few. Some of them doing quite well. But it is not an easy road to hoe and don't let anyone tell you writing a novel is the easiest thing in the world.

You gotta want this. You gotta realize that you're gonna sweat blood, tears, and sleepless nights over this. That sometimes you're gonna have that killer deadline THAT MUST BE MET.

So for those of us who have finished, what are your methods? How do you force yourself to sit down and go all the way to 'The End'?

Mine is being accountable to someone. I'm a deadline junkie. If I know that someone is waiting out there in cyber world to see my work on their desk the next morning I'll get the sucker done. It's such a motivational tool for me. I love pressure. Live for it. I guess you could call me a Type A personality. At least in certain things.

In my personal life I'm pretty easy going. Run where the river takes me. But Lord get a deadline in front of me and I'm like a hormonal woman on speed. LOL. Don't get in my way or so help you...

I've tried not pestering other people to make me accountable. I've tried setting personal goals that only I know about. And..when that happens things just always seem to unravel at the seams for me. I can't concentrate, focus, or get a darn thing done.

IE: the 2 month writing hiatus I just came off of. *shudder* I really hate those moments.

But now, I've found myself some accountability partners and I've done 71 pgs in 6 days. Not too shabby. The stuff is rough rough rough. Going so long without writing does that to you...LOL. But at least I'm back on that blasted horse again. And if CC has anything to say about it, she won't let me off this ride anytime soon. Considering I'm writing my portion of 'our' book. LOL.

So that's what works for me. How do you guys operate? Inquiring minds wish to know.

~~Viv K.

And a big thanks to all the ladies I've chatted with in the last few days. Cobblestone Day was a smashing success!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

How's life been treating you this week?

So usually I go on and on about me. I honestly don't think I'm that interesting, so today I'm turning the tables. What are you planning to do this weekend?

If you're a writer, what are you writing goals? And if you're just a reader enthusiast, what are you reading?

That's it!

I just want to learn a little bit about the people who leave comments on my blog. As far as I go, this weekend my son is finally coming home for a 3 week vacation with his grandparents and I miss him like mad. I cannot WAIT to hug him and squeeze those little cheeks. And yes, I'm a squeezer. :) Writing wise, I'm hoping to add on at least another 40 pgs to my Dark Decadant Delights Anthology. I'm pretty close to wrapping things up and it's always nice when you can say "The End". Right? ;) And reading wise, well I just started in on a Dean Koontz novel.

I'm sure a lot of people figure romance writers as being strict romance readers as well. Far from it. I think what adds spice to your books is being open to ideas from any genre and incorporating 'fresh blood' as it were into our genre. That's where the term 'fresh writing' comes from. It's taken a tired, used plot (and sorry to offen anyone, but truly, there's no plot done today, tomorrow, or 20 years from now, that hasn't already been done a million times in a million different ways) what makes it unique is the individual twists and turns you take your reader on. 'Fresh writing'.

Which means to me, don't overlook the value of incorporating things from other genres into romance. ;)

So I'm off for now. Enjoy the weekend, y'all!

~~Viv K.

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